Family of Four

Family of Four

Monday, November 25, 2013

McKenzie is 8 Months

I have been so bad! I can't believe how behind I am on my blog and updates about McKenzie. I am working on  going fill in each month, with what I can remember. But that will take a bit of time, so I wanted to at least get the current month up. I actually feel like quite a terrible mom for not keeping better track of her milestones and everything. So much changes each month, week even, that I really should have been better about it all, but I have been having too much fun being in the moment with her (and getting some work done too) that I just never made the time. But, I decided if I make it simple enough and just jot down a few of the big things each month I should be more successful. So, let's begin - 8 months, holy cow! When did that happen?

Monday, June 3, 2013

2 Months Old!?!

2 months?!? Well slightly more than two months thanks to, once again, my delay in posting this. I was bad before, but now that I actually have this precious little one that gets the majority of my attention, I am even worse. Some days I look at her and she is still this tiny little nugget and others, I can't believe how much she has grown! 

As the weeks gone on, she stays awake more and more which means a few more fussy moments, but mostly she is a happy, smiley baby who loves to look round and take in all the new things around her. this complicates nap times a bit, because she doesn't want to miss a thing, but it is so fun to watch her discover new things in her every day surroundings. And she loves meeting new people. She gets the biggest smiles when they talk to her and pay attention to her. It's so fun!

Her 2 month well-baby visit came with a round of vaccinations (4 shots and 1 oral). She, of course, cried when they gave her the shots but calmed down and went to sleep pretty quickly. We got home, did her 2 month little photo shoot and she did great through that as well. It was about an hour later, mid-nap, that she got super fussy. She would wake from a dead sleep and scream in pain. So, we pretty much cuddled all afternoon/early evening on the couch. She'd wake up every 20 minutes or so screaming. It was heart breaking. After Mac got home (with some infant Tylenol) she calmed down and I took her for a run in the jogging stroller to get some fresh air. That helped a bit as well. She still slept like a champ that night and was fine by the next day - although I swear she kept watching me to see if I was going to stab her with another needle.

This month saw a few more baby sitters as well. I am working with AZ Spa Girls again on the Summer Spaaah Series which means I had to leave little nugget for 7 hours! Up until then, I had not had a problem leaving her with people, but those were just an hour or two at a time. It was very hard to give her to Chrissy for the night (even though she is who I get most of my parenting cues from). But once the event started I was so busy that it wasn't as bad as I thought. We also started our weekly play dates at Aunt Susans so I can get a few hours a week to focus on the things I need to do that week. We are so lucky to have such supporting and helpful people in our lives. 

2 months old: 
Weight: 9 pounds 14 ounces - 15th percentile (Birth: 6 lbs 14 oz) 
Height: 22.25 inches - 40th percentile (Birth: 21 in)
Head: 15.75 inches - 93rd percentile (Birth: 12.25 in)

Our pediatrician said she is still doing great and that with her movement on the table could roll over any day :)

Recognizes mom's voice
Looks for mom 
Strong neck
Strong legs

12 days old

trip to Tucson
Time being babysat (by Grandpa and Grandma Mac)

17 days old

Tummy time so she she can look around and move her head
Daddy playing piano
Being in the sling/backpack
The car's air condition on full blast 
Practicing standing
Making faces

The car seat
Being hot (she will seriously be fine with freezing toes, but the minutes I turn the air down she will scream)

20 days old

From day one McKenzie has been an excellent breastfeeder. I was worried when we had to start supplementing her with formula to help get rid of the jaundice, but she switched from one to the other effortlessly. Which then gave me confidence that giving her a pacifier would not derail our plans, so that came into play much earlier than I thought (and has been a life saver in many situations already). She has multiple personalities when eating, it really jsut depends on her mood. Most of the time she is kind of a lazy eater. She will eat for a bit, then start to nod off and realize she's eating so immediately wakes up and starts at it like she is starving to prove she is not ready to stop. Other times she is down to business and eats consistently for 15-20 minutes and then stops. Then we also have her excited eating where she is so excited at the thought of eating that she can't quite seem to get latched on - that's my favorite because she is just so funny! 

I have also started building up my freezer supply by pumping and at our appointment the Dr said to bottle feed her 1-2 times a week to get her used to feeding from a bottle and someone else for when she is being cared for by others. Apparently some babies refuse bottles. McKenzie doesn't seem to be picky though - she;s a little piggy and will take food however you want to give it to her. But, this gives Mac an opportunity to have some more bonding time with her - she is very much a momma's girl right now.

For a little bit there I felt like my life was just a constant 2 hour cycle and I was just waiting for the next 15-20 minute feeding to start, but it feels less and less like that each day. In fact, we have stretched days feeds to about 3 (sometimes 4) hours apart and her nights (which have always been longer) is about 4-5 hours apart.

24 days old

In the early weeks, McKenzie spent the majority of her time sleeping.  Most of the time I had to set a timer and wake her up to eat (which probably accounted for the earlier feeling I mentioned) Then she started staying awake each day for the entire time between 1 or 2 feedings, but I'd still have to wake her up for the other feedings. Now she usually wakes up between 3 and 3.5 hours because she is hungry.

At night we have always been pretty lucky. From the time we brought her home, she was consistently sleeping an hour or 2 longer at night than during the day. The first time it happened I felt so bad, and set my alarm to wake her up like I did during the day, but the doctor said it was ok to let her sleep longer at night  so now she falls asleep around 11:30, wakes up around 3:30, goes right back down and gets up around 6:30  or 7. Since I am definitely not ready to get up at 7, after she eats we have our morning cuddle session in bed and sleep for another 2 to 3 hours. It's probably my favorite part of the day to be honest.

She is much more awake and alert now though. She likes to look around and see what's around her. From time-to-time she will just stop and stare at something (usually nothing more than a shadow or corner of a wall) for what seems like forever. I spend a lot of this time talking to her, holding her, bouncing her and recently, playing with her little arms and legs which she loves to move around so much. She also makes the funniest faces when she is awake so I love to watch her and make funny faces back. When daddy has her, they practice standing and funny faces too. Her little legs are so strong and she loves to be up on them. 

She spends most of her day time naps in her portable rocker thing and then nights in the bassinet by our bed. She's was not a fan of her swing at first, but is slowly getting used to it and dare I say, even starting to like it a bit :) The pack and play is still really just for changing her downstairs and her crib is just pretty for now although the change of scenery the few times I have laid her in it calms her down from a fuss - but not for long.

4 weeks old

Well I think that's all for now. I promise I am going to to be better about blogging and posting pictures to her Facebook Group (it's private, so if you want in just message me). I am pretty good about her Instagram, so make sure you are following her if you want pictures. 

Monday, May 6, 2013

Must-Have Monday: 6 Week Favorites

Six fabulous weeks of being a mommy have already flown by and I have come to learn that certain items make life much easier because they exist. So, I thought I would follow mommy-blogger trend and put together a list of my favorites. This is not to say there aren't several other items that McKenzie and I use regularly that could be easily be added to the list, but I tried (key word: tried) to keep the list to a minimum since it is supposed to be favorites. But, those who know me also know I have lots of room to love many things (3 majors in college, 10 bridesmaids, over 100 pairs of heels ...) so it is a bit longer than I originally intended. None-the-less, here are the items I have grown to love and depend on over the past 6 weeks.

Monday, April 29, 2013

McKenzie Grace - 1 Month Old (a week late)

Our baby is one months old! Well one month and one week because I am just a tad behind on blogging - you would think that being home on maternity leave I would have more than enough time to blog - but somehow it just is not the case. Did you know maternity leave is nothing like vacation and the days are just as busy/exhausting as those spent in the office? But I digress and staring at her kicking her legs, cracking smiles and cooing/babbling away, I wonder "How in the world has it been over a month already?" I am absolutely in awe of her on a daily basis.  I still cannot believe that this little baby is the one that was growing, kicking and hiccuping in my belly for 9 months. 

5 days old

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

McKenzie's Birth Story

I know it's been awhile since I last blogged, but i have been a little busy having a baby and trying to figure out this whole being a mom thing. Man! It's exhausting, but I have never been happier.

Let's start from the beginning.

On Thursday, March 21st I got about halfway through the work day when I just started not feeling so well and, with the much appreciated persistence of one of my co-workers, decided to finish up what I was working on and head home a little early.

So, I got home and tried to decide if the cramps were just cramps or actual contractions. Once they started feeling more regular, I began timing them with my fancy pregnancy app. After several hours of debating whether I was in labor or not, they started following the pattern we were told to watch for (5 contractions within one hour, each 1 minute or longer). So ... I hopped in the shower (they didn't hurt very bad so I figured I still had quite a ways to go) and took my time blowing out my hair before heading to the hospital.

We got all checked in and sent back to OB Triage, but everyone kept saying "You look too happy to be having a baby". Knowing what I know now, they were right ...

 last picture of the bump

Representing NAU since McKenzie has already been bombarded with Wildcat and Sun Devil nonsense.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Wardrobe Wrap Up: Styling the Bump 33 & 34 Weeks

 For those who do not know, my attempt at walking Miss McKenzie out were successful. Shortly after positing the previous blog Mac and I headed to the zoo and by 5pm (exactly 5pm to be precise) our daughter was here. Birth story blog to follow!

For now, I have some catching up to do on the wardrobe posts - although it seems a bit weird to be posting pregnant pictures of myself now that our little one is here ... hmm. anyway, here we go.

Miss McKenzie is asleep on my chest as I write these, so for now, I am just going to list the items that I know off the top of my head.

Blue Sweater: H&M; Grey Leggings: Forever 21; Black Boots: Shoe Dazzle

Friday, March 22, 2013

Wardrobe Wrap Up: Styling the Bump 32 & 33 Weeks

I am admittedly slacking (severely) slacking on the wardrobe wrap-ups I aspired to start doing, but it is not for lack of trying. I did take the effort to assemble my best attempts at fashionable outfits, and even photographed them. But, for some reason I kept failing to upload them to this blog as intended. As I got further and further from the original post date, I was less and less diligent about taking the photos and then, once the heels went, pretty much stopped all together. So, I have a few to catch up on, and rather than slapping them all in one blog post, I am changing the formula a bit.

I am going to posts a few photos at a time and make it more reminiscent of times when I didn't have to stuff swollen feet in ballet flats and find clothes that don't make me look like the marshmallow puff man from Ghostbusters. Here goes nothing ;) Photos below are from weeks 32 and 33.

Button Up Shirt:  I will have to find this one - sorry! Sweatshirt: Gap Maternity; Jeans: I got them at Savvy Sale - so I will need to look up where they originally came from; Sash: Etsy Shop - FantsyYouFashion

Monday, March 18, 2013

McKenzie's Nursery

As promised, I am finally getting around to posting pictures of little one's nursery. We are still awaiting the arrival of the glider, which will either go in the corner by the closet or where the two owl chairs currently are. Haven't quite decided just yet. I also need to get some wall art for at least the one big pink wall across from the closet, but I feel like the one with the bookshelf is also missing a little something. We shall see. I had an idea for some wall art, but haven't quite made up my mind.

Well on with the grand tour I suppose!

Let's start with the bathroom, which is just to the right of the nursery room door.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

39 Weeks: #comeoutmckenzie

I am so over being pregnant. I know we aren't even at her due date yet, but ever since the heels went and the room was completed, I am more than ready to be done with this. And most importantly, meet McKenzie. I have even made McKenzie her very own hashtag ... #comeoutmckenzie pretty  catchy huh ;) 

***Warning - graphic pregnancy procedure talk ahead. Skip to the stars if you get grossed out easy :) I know I used to!***

This week at the Dr. I got to see my favorite of the 5 (or is it 6?) and she said that I was far enough along that she could do a membrane sweep if I wanted. My response? Heck yes, let's get this baby out! So after the exam she went ahead and did it. Unfortunately, we are approaching 48 hours since my appointment (it was at 5 on Friday) and still nothing. :( So, all that pain and cramping for nothing I guess. Ugh! Totalyl doesn't mean I won't be up for it again next week. Anything to help move her along.

***Safe Again***

I have literally tried a handful of natural induction theories with no luck. There are a few I won't try (Castor Oil sounds very unpleasant - no thank you!). I get a few braxton hicks and some cramping but no true labor. This little one is stubborn! Regardless, I plan to spend the rest of the day on my feet and walking. She has to come out sometime, right? Maybe I will be the first woman int he history of pregnancy to carry my child through her whole childhood :) at this rate it totally feels like it.

Enough complaining for one blog post. Let's get on to the update!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

38 Weeks: Running Out of Room!

We have been quite busy this week! I finished putting together the last of her big items and Mac installed the chair rail in her nursery and finished re-doing the front room. Now all it needs is the desk (which is on back-order and we can share photos! it looks so great and he has been working so hard on my huge list of big projects around the house. McKenzie and I are so lucky to have him!

Speaking of our little one ... she has officially made her way into every corner of the house! But I was so ecstatic to have her swing arrive that, since I was already building that, I might as well knock out the rest and find homes for it all. So she officially has all she could need ready and waiting for her - so ... YOU CAN COME OUT NOW MCKENZIE!

We also got a few photos from our maternity session I want to remember to share, so let's start with and then I can show you all the fun new toys waiting for McKenzie.

I am really loving the photos (except of course the shoe and ring situation). Aren't they fun and bright?!?
 Photos taken by Cherise Kiel Photography and my hair and makeup was done by EGlow Boost Beauty

Saturday, March 2, 2013

37 Weeks - Full Term!

Oops! I missed my 36 week update! Sorry. Honestly, things have been so busy around here. Between trying to prepare my co-workers for my maternity leave, getting our house ready for McKenzie's arrival  and the variety of other events/activities and obligations pulling us in this way and that, I couldn't even get myself to pull out my laptop let alone sit down to write my blog. So, apologies and this week will include a double dose of baby bump.

A quick review from what was missed because of my absent blog: my weekly appointments have begun and as of 35 weeks and 5 days last Thursday), I was 1cm and 50%. Then I had some really bad cramping the next day and headed into OB triage to find out, the cramps were just round ligament pain and miss McKenzie's big 'ole head (ok it's actually pretty little - but doesn't feel that way when pressing on my pelvis) getting into position. But turns out I had progressed a bit more and was at 1cm, 80% and -2. This sent me into a bit of a panic, not because it means she will be here, but I really need to stop procrastinating packing my hospital bag. I already have hers done - that was easy peezy, I just had to pick out some cute outfits to dress her up in and throw in a few other knick knacks. My bag has been a point of frustration and procrastination for a few weeks now. I have actively avoided thinking about delivery day so packing a bag for it doesn't get me excited. Plus I am a chronic over-packer and the task just seems so daunting to figure out what I really do and do not need. Plus getting her nursery ready always sounds like so much more fun.

Then, this past Wednesday I got to see our little one. She is measuring below the 50th percentile but looking healthy and great. The ultrasound tech predicted a 6.5/7 pound baby if she arrives on her due date. Whew! As much as I love a little chunky baby thigh, delivering a 9/10 pound baby didn't sound like much fun. I am perfectly ok with her being a little one and then chunking her out once she's born. :)

On Thursday I went for my 36 week appointment and I was 2cm, 80-90% and still at -2. Doctor Urig seemed pretty happy with this and said it can be days or it can be weeks still. He is happy with the progression and says it indicates a very nice delivery. I like the sound of that. Because I haven't had any contractions it probably won't be days, but those can come any day and then that means it;s show time. He did say the more progression before labor, the better for me, so ... I guess I can hold out on meeting McKenzie if it makes D Day a bit more bearable. Oy - next subject.

On a more fun note, we have our maternity photos today! I am a little bummed because last week I started swelling which means no more heels and no more wedding rings :( I was hoping to be able to wear both for the pictures, we will see if fate is kind and let;'s me rock both for a bit. 

Well ... on to the bump!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

35 Weeks: 35 Days and Counting

It hasn't been long since my last update, but it feels like ages ago. Work has been absolutely insane (I will not vent, I will not vent, I will not vent!) and I feel that if it doesn't ease up soon my Dr. is not going to be happy with my stress levels. I am totally looking forward, but also completely terrified to take my 3 month maternity leave. Looking forward because 1. I need a break, and 2. I will get to spend all that time with my daughter - how cool is that?!? However; I am terrified because of what is going to happen to all my hard work while I am away and the big ole' mess I am going to have to clean up. Oh well I guess, all I can do is my best to prepare my co-workers to cover my work, then it is out of my hands for 3 months.

One of my sales teams took me out for a celebratory lunch this past week. It was so much fun and so very thoughtful. I just love them and couldn't ask for better co-workers. So as much as work stresses me out from time to time (mostly just when I have to take over other people's work on top of mine) I wouldn't trade it because my team is just so fabulous. I fought hard to be able to work with them and couldn't be happier that I do. I also got to grab lunch with a college friend who works downtown as well (she works for the Suns - how cool is that?). I have to admit that I love lunch dates. I love catching up with old friends and mixing up the daily routine a bit from time to time. The only thing better than a lunch date is a brunch date with mimosas, but I am obviously currently on a hiatus from those for now :)

On Friday morning, Mac headed to California to hang out with our friends Randi and John, but more importantly pick up McKenzie's furniture that was made by the talented John Sedigh of Art For Kids! Nothing but the best for this little one. Now I just need to find an equally fabulous glider for the room, which apparently takes 8 weeks to come in. Oooops .. Procrastination at it's finest right here. But my strollers are all set and ready to go! Have I mentioned how obsessed I am with my stroller? My mom got me my highly coveted Baby Jogger City Select. I have been obsessing over this beauty for months and now it is finally mine - fully equipped with the new Britax B-Safe adapter! I also got Mac the Britax B-Agile jogger stroller as a Valentine's present for Mac. He has been rollerblading lately and would like to take her out for rides, but he is not ruining my City Select (even though the company is called Baby Jogger, the City Select is not a jogging stroller). So, I got him his very own jogging stroller, plus I can use it to take her on training runs for my endurance event training.

What else? Hmmm ... did I mention in the last post that we started our prepared birthing classes this past week? That was terrifying! I am not too nervous about the delivery itself, well I should correct that, I can't do anything to change how easy or difficult it will be and I trust my doctors to know what they are doing. I am getting a lot of useful information in the classes about options, which is good, but nobody knows how the day will go so I don't see any point in over analyzing, over preparing and stressing over it all. I just want to tour the hospital and get a run down of what to expect from check-in to check-out and then I can take it from there. No more graphic details and overly critical pregnant women forcing there preferences on the entire class. No, I do not want a mirror to see what;s going on, no I do not want to touch her head, no I do not want to give birth on all fours like a wild animal. And yes, I plan on letting my doctor induce labor and provide an epidural should with, or bot, be needed. For anyone that wants differently than me, more power to them. I am all for everyone having the experience they want to have, so let me have the one I want. :) Ok jumping off my soap box now. ;)  On to the weekly update!

Geez .. I just realized how long this post has become, sorry!!! Hope I did not lose too many of you :)

Oh and do you see that?!?! 35 days until her due date!! Oh my! I am about to be a mommy and have this perfect little person around all the time. It's still a little unbelievable. Wow ... how awesome, right?!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

34 Weeks: Showered With Love

This past week was McKenzie's baby shower and oh my! is this little girl loved. Thank you so much to everyone who came to celebrate with us and showered her with so many fabulous gifts. While exhausting, I had such a great time. Chrissy did such a fabulous job with planning and setting up the whole thing (plus Nicole and Melissa who helped out as well). I just wish I had been able to snap some more pictures.I will post the ones I have, and can locate though soon.

This week we start our prepared birthing classes at the hospital (we actually had the first one tonight). It was pretty terrifying to be honest. Luckily it's just one day, right?! :)

Well I am late on this post and it's getting pretty late. So, since I have work tomorrow and it is going to be quite the hectic week, I am going to move right along to the weekly update.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

33 Weeks: Big Dreams and the Big Game

It's been a pretty good week although I am starting to see how much of a toll this pregnancy really is taking on me. I have a bunch of contracts to file at work and I have never felt more out of shape than when I try to get into that bottom drawer. Seriously - who works up a sweat filing papers? Oh that's right, this girl

On top of that I have been having weird bouts of nausea - mostly when I wake up and I am hungry or have had too much to eat. But that doesn't stop me from gorging myself on Paradise Bakery chocolate chip cookies at lunch. Seriously! What is in those things to make them so dang good?!? I figure I will let myself take advantage a bit now and then the real work and discipline can come after miss McKenzie arrives. It's my goal to be back to pre baby weight before I go back to work - so 12 weeks to get back in shape (and hopefully even better shape). Totally doable, right?!? I mean bikini season is just around the corner from her due date so I need to slim down fast if I plan to build up my tan again!

Mac also finished paining our bedroom this week. I plan to post pictures of the house once it's all done. Aren't you excited? For now, there is still quite a bit of work to do as far as decorating. But now that it's painted, I can get stuff on the walls and find decor for each room. Slowly but surely this house is becoming our home, but I have no plans of being finished by the time she gets here - so it may be awhile still. In the meantime, anyone know where to get fabulous Queen-size grey and white bedding. I want a gray tiered ruffle bed skirt to go with it too ...

ok - on to the update. Oh! and I had planned on posting this picture tomorrow but realized I have a pretty busy day ahead of me, so the Super Bowl part is just a tad early. My bad!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

32 Weeks: Fingernails, toenails and hair oh my!

For a short week it seriously seemed like the longest ever! Lots going on at work and home but each day brings us closer to meeting our baby girl, so really - how can I complain? There is still quite a bit to do around the house but we made some serious progress I think. I scheduled a pickup from goodwill for all the furniture and other stuff that has been sitting around our house and big trash pickup is also this week for the items too "loved" to be donated. So excited to finally declutter and start having more rhyme, reason and decorative theme in our house. 

Mac is going to pick up the crib and changer in a few weeks (valentine's weekend actually) so that will be here and setup soon. Then we can install the chair rail around the room, get a glider, find a toy chest and some sort of storage for all her accessories and shoes that are already piling up. I think I want to get a cute little end table and window seating for her room too - but I am still undecided.

I did start a new blog post series (well I posted the first one last week) if you missed it. I'm starting slow with a fashion round up series since I have to get dressed each day anyway and this keeps me motivated to keep it fashionable. Eventually it will turn into a blog to include Miss McKenzie and her impeccable style too! I am hoping to add more posts about products and maybe even recipes - if I ever get those going regularly. I did cook dinner 2 nights last week, so that is progress - go me!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wardrobe Wrap Up: Styling the Bump 31 Weeks

My intent with this blog was always to be a little more than just blogging about my life and, now, pregnancy progress. I have always been interested in beauty, fashion and ... well ... pretty much anything fun/fabulous. :) 

However, because I write the occasional product review for AZ Spa Girls, I am hesitant to write reviews or blogs that conflict with what I do for them and have tread lightly when deciding how to expand. So, bear with me as I slowly explore new regular post opportunities. For the first experimental series, I am keeping it simple (gotta love the K.I.S.S method) and showing a compilation of recent outfits. 

There are really a few reasons for my wanting to try out a series like a Wardrobe Round Up 
1. (and probably the most important) To keep me from getting lazy with my outfits. While I just don't have the effort to get all dressed up every single day, I do not want to use my expanding waistline as an excuse to get frumpy/lazy with my outfit assembly. So, holding myself accountable a few times a week by snapping pictures should help keep me on track.

2. Whenever pregnancy round 2 comes around, I hope to have the same dedication I currently have to not lose my sense of style. But, being an occasional pessimist (or as I like to call it, realist) since I will have miss McKenzie running around my heels and occupying much of the free time I currently enjoy, I can use these posts as a cheat sheet of what to wear.

3. To make sure the outfits that I am putting together in the morning look as good on film as they do in mirrors. Do you remember that part from Clueless where she takes Polaroids of her outfits because "she doesn't trust mirrors"? It's kind of like that I guess.

4. When McKenzie finally arrives I can share the spotlight with her and feature all of the adorable outfits she is sure to wear just once or twice. :)

5. Last but not least, this picture really says it all:

Monday, January 21, 2013

31 Weeks: Hiccups

Single digits?!? Yes, that is right. We are just a mere 9 weeks away from little one's due date. Hopefully she takes after her mommy and comes in around 7 pounds 2 weeks earlier ;) but since I do love little chunky baby thighs I'll be okay with her staying in until her due date to get nice and chubby. Speaking of putting on the pounds - according to my baby app, she is getting her chunk on this week and packing on the pounds. She should gain about a half pound each week from now until she is born. I have a doctor's appointment this week, so hopefully they can tell me how big she is now (rather than relying on the apps) and maybe a prediction of how big she will be. Every time I have been in so far she measures o the smaller side. We shall see. 

Mac and I took a mini staycation this weekend. We had a nice hotel room downtown and official decided we could totally be a city couple, if we didn't have out 80-pound fur baby who would go stir crazy in an apartment or condo. Something about being downtown (even with our minimal existence of one) makes me so happy, just walking out the building and having so many options just steps in front of you. I can only imagine how in heaven I would be in a bigger city that had a true downtown and city life. Ahhh ... 

OK back to reality and onto the weekly update.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

30 Weeks: Baby Girl Has Furniture - Kinda

30 weeks? Really? Not that is has been speeding by, by any means, but 30 weeks seems so much further along than 28 and 29 did. I mean, if you think about it, this little one could be here as early as 7 weeks from now. Scary and awesome, all at the same time. 

It's been a long week trying to push past this lingering cold. the whole things has given me little patience with people and I find myself annoyed easily,by everything. I can just say, I wouldn't have wanted to be around me this week ;) 

We did sit down and discuss the nursery more and decided on a crib and changer. We are going with some custom pieces from AFK Furniture, the place that is owned by our friends' family and has done several celebrity nurseries. I blogged about them in my 22 week update. There is also a glider that we are looking at, but it would require me to change the bedding I picked out and I haven't really found anything else that I like ... I am torn.

I also sat down with my friend Chrissy, who is planning my baby shower, and we talked about all the details - I am so excited! My invites have been ordered and should be in the mail to everyone by Tuesday. It is all getting so very real and exciting.

I also did a ton of research into photographers for both maternity and newborn sessions, so I have to sit down with my list and make a decision. There are so many talented photographers in Phoenix, it is going to be difficult to decide.

Well, I guess that is all for now, I could have sworn there was something I was actually intending to talk about in this blog, but can't remembered causing it to turn into the usual rambling - sorry. I blame pregnancy brain ;) So, on to the weekly update.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

29 Weeks: Our Little Night Owl

I successfully made it through New Year's Eve! The alcohol thing didn't concern me much, but I wasn't certain how long I would be able to stay out. Turns out, I hung the whole night and closed the bar down with our friends. It is quite a different experience through sober eyes. Haha. It was really nice knowing all my friends had safe rides home, but finally curling up in bed at 3am was heavenly. 

The rest of the week wasn't such a victory however, as I was pretty much bed ridden with a nasty cold. Mac was so great taking care of me and doing everything he could to relieve some of the discomfort, but pregnancy is quite the downer when it comes to medicinal cures, so i relied heavily on my humidifier, plenty of liquids and lots of rest. One night, when the sore throat and coughing were just unbearable, I tried some hot water with lemon and honey, but boy oh boy did that get McKenzie all worked up. We are talking serious tumbling and kick sessions for at least an hour. So, while I got some relief from the coughing, I still wasn't able to sleep because little miss was on a sugar high from the honey. Oh well - I am slowly getting better and was even able to get out and about a bit today. 

While out today, I did notice the whole heightened sense of smell that is supposed to come with pregnancy was definitely in full effect. From chocolate on Mac's breath to bathroom cleaning chemicals through closed doors, it was quite an experience, and not necessarily a pleasant one. That said - check out this belly! Granted, most of my photos are done in the morning and I did this one at night (which I swear the bump grows in size by every passing minute and resets itself while I sleep).

Oh and guess what - this week's photo gives you a nice sneak peek at the nursery in progress. 2 walls are painted like this and the other 2 have a light grey on top. The white line in the middle will be a chair rail in a wood stain to match whatever furniture we select!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Look Back At 2012

This year has been quite an exciting one. Lots of fun with friends and family and, of course, the big news of a new addition to our little family! A blogger who I absolutely love, does a year in review with some highlights and pictures form each month and I think it is really great, so ... I am copying her. I am going to try to keep it to just a few so it;s not the worlds longest post, so pardon me if any special moments are missed. I have a horrible memory. I should probably prepare for next year's as I go this year ;)

"All dressed up ... and nowhere to go!" Started the year off with a bang at the Anderson cabin in Pinetop.

Photo Challenge Wednesday

I was a pretty big slacker this week and missed a few days. Oops. Looks like this update will be a bit short. Sorry!

Day 28: Words
I think this love manifesto is just precious
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