Family of Four

Family of Four

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hair and makeup trial today!

Today I am heading over to the Lemieux's to have miss Kimbo do my second hair and make up trial. I thought I had narrowed down my look a bit but then preparing today, I realized - not so much... What I do know is that I want bright, bold and fun pink makeup - think bridal barbie :) For hair I had originally thought I wanted it pulled back in a poof on top with a bunch of romantic curls, but it;s going to be the end of May in Phoenix... so I am having some doubts. Here are some pictures of my inspiration. Thoughts are GREATLY appreciated.
My original hair inspiration - needs more volume on the sides
I think I like the bangs down like that now...
I Like this for a pulled back look but think I'd still want the poof on top
For an up-do type look..
The barbie doll look...

Bright pink eyes

Smokey Pink Eyes

Well that's kind of what I'm thinking... off to go try them out and see which is the winner. What do you think I should do with hair and makeup for the wedding?!?



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