Family of Four

Family of Four

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Photo Challenge Wednesday

I was a pretty big slacker this week and missed a few days. Oops. Looks like this update will be a bit short. Sorry!

Day 28: Words
I think this love manifesto is just precious

Day 30: my winter wonderland!
Oh how I miss my snowboarding adventures ...
Pictures from NYE 2011/2012 at Sunrise and February 2012 trip to Mammoth!

Day 31: Fun. 
The boys version on the left (100 oz of beer) my version on the right (a huge Mexican pizza!)

With the end of December comes the end of the challenge. I do not think I will do another challenge but do hope to keep up the Wednesday weekly photo posting. Probably not a photo a day each time, but some fun photos from the week. Hope you still enjoy :)

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