Family of Four

Family of Four

Monday, April 29, 2013

McKenzie Grace - 1 Month Old (a week late)

Our baby is one months old! Well one month and one week because I am just a tad behind on blogging - you would think that being home on maternity leave I would have more than enough time to blog - but somehow it just is not the case. Did you know maternity leave is nothing like vacation and the days are just as busy/exhausting as those spent in the office? But I digress and staring at her kicking her legs, cracking smiles and cooing/babbling away, I wonder "How in the world has it been over a month already?" I am absolutely in awe of her on a daily basis.  I still cannot believe that this little baby is the one that was growing, kicking and hiccuping in my belly for 9 months. 

5 days old

In keeping with her patterns of pregnancy, this little one has been a dream. It's not to say she doesn't cry or fuss, because believe me she does that from time to time, but she sleeps and eats like a charm. As she starts to stay awake longer during the day she has a few more fussy moments and the all out screaming cries but it's so few and far between still that I find it hard to complain. Plus, I lucked out and got a good night-time sleeper, but I am getting ahead of myself. I will say, the little pouty lip that comes from the "I am sad" or "why did you just do that to me" cry just melts my heart.

6 days old

We went for her one month appointment last Monday and she did really great.  This was the third time she had been seen  by Wong though because of her jaundice, so she is a pro by now. Unfortunately, mommy was not so much because she left the diaper bag in the car and had to put a big old size 3 (the only size the dr office has on hand) on her after she was weighed ... she looked ridiculous - and since I didn't even think to snap a picture (sorry) you will just have to believe me.

9 days old

I should rewind about a week though and say we had to make a quick visit to Urgent Care and then Phoenix Children's Hospital's ER because she had a pretty bad honking cough for a few days then started throwing up (all over mommy) after each feeding. After a not-so-quick ultrasound on her little belly, we were told it wasn't the serious problem they were looking for (I can't recall the name now since she doesn't have it) but just a reflux which we are helping manage with some medicine. We are doing much better since then - but this was the first time I had been informed our tiny itty bitty baby had been doing some major growing - in the form of 2 whole pounds! It was that moment I realized. I am not ready for her to start growing. I like that she is still in her newborn clothes and diapers. Shes so tiny and lovely, it just takes my breath away.

10 days old

But alas, she must grow and really, she is still smaller than some newborn babies - isn't that crazy?!?. 

1 month old: 
Weight: 8 pounds 9.5 ounces - 30th percentile (Birth: 6 lbs 14 oz) 
Height: 20.5 inches - 21st percentile (Birth: 21 in - we measured twice so I think the hospital was a little off, because it doesn't make sense that she would shrink ...)
Head: 15 inches - 91st percentile (Birth: 12.25 in)

Our pediatrician said she is doing great. Still working on getting the last of her jaundice out, but doing great. And she handled her vaccination shot like a champ. Mommy was very proud! The nurse also gave her the sweetest compliment saying she had perfect features and I totally agree :) 

Recognizes mom's voice
Looks for mom 
Strong neck
Strong legs

12 days old

trip to Tucson
Time being babysat (by Grandpa and Grandma Mac)

17 days old

Tummy time so she she can look around and move her head
Daddy playing piano
Being in the sling/backpack
The car's air condition on full blast 
Practicing standing
Making faces

The car seat
Being hot (she will seriously be fine with freezing toes, but the minutes I turn the air down she will scream)

20 days old

From day one McKenzie has been an excellent breastfeeder. I was worried when we had to start supplementing her with formula to help get rid of the jaundice, but she switched from one to the other effortlessly. Which then gave me confidence that giving her a pacifier would not derail our plans, so that came into play much earlier than I thought (and has been a life saver in many situations already). She has multiple personalities when eating, it really jsut depends on her mood. Most of the time she is kind of a lazy eater. She will eat for a bit, then start to nod off and realize she's eating so immediately wakes up and starts at it like she is starving to prove she is not ready to stop. Other times she is down to business and eats consistently for 15-20 minutes and then stops. Then we also have her excited eating where she is so excited at the thought of eating that she can't quite seem to get latched on - that's my favorite because she is just so funny! 

I have also started building up my freezer supply by pumping and at our appointment the Dr said to bottle feed her 1-2 times a week to get her used to feeding from a bottle and someone else for when she is being cared for by others. Apparently some babies refuse bottles. McKenzie doesn't seem to be picky though - she;s a little piggy and will take food however you want to give it to her. But, this gives Mac an opportunity to have some more bonding time with her - she is very much a momma's girl right now.

For a little bit there I felt like my life was just a constant 2 hour cycle and I was just waiting for the next 15-20 minute feeding to start, but it feels less and less like that each day. In fact, we have stretched days feeds to about 3 (sometimes 4) hours apart and her nights (which have always been longer) is about 4-5 hours apart.

24 days old

In the early weeks, McKenzie spent the majority of her time sleeping.  Most of the time I had to set a timer and wake her up to eat (which probably accounted for the earlier feeling I mentioned) Then she started staying awake each day for the entire time between 1 or 2 feedings, but I'd still have to wake her up for the other feedings. Now she usually wakes up between 3 and 3.5 hours because she is hungry.

At night we have always been pretty lucky. From the time we brought her home, she was consistently sleeping an hour or 2 longer at night than during the day. The first time it happened I felt so bad, and set my alarm to wake her up like I did during the day, but the doctor said it was ok to let her sleep longer at night  so now she falls asleep around 11:30, wakes up around 3:30, goes right back down and gets up around 6:30  or 7. Since I am definitely not ready to get up at 7, after she eats we have our morning cuddle session in bed and sleep for another 2 to 3 hours. It's probably my favorite part of the day to be honest.

She is much more awake and alert now though. She likes to look around and see what's around her. From time-to-time she will just stop and stare at something (usually nothing more than a shadow or corner of a wall) for what seems like forever. I spend a lot of this time talking to her, holding her, bouncing her and recently, playing with her little arms and legs which she loves to move around so much. She also makes the funniest faces when she is awake so I love to watch her and make funny faces back. When daddy has her, they practice standing and funny faces too. Her little legs are so strong and she loves to be up on them. 

She spends most of her day time naps in her portable rocker thing and then nights in the bassinet by our bed. She's was not a fan of her swing at first, but is slowly getting used to it and dare I say, even starting to like it a bit :) The pack and play is still really just for changing her downstairs and her crib is just pretty for now although the change of scenery the few times I have laid her in it calms her down from a fuss - but not for long.

4 weeks old

Well I think that's all for now. I promise I am going to to be better about blogging and posting pictures to her Facebook Group (it's private, so if you want in just message me). I am pretty good about her Instagram, so make sure you are following her if you want pictures. 

1 month old

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