Family of Four

Family of Four

Monday, May 6, 2013

Must-Have Monday: 6 Week Favorites

Six fabulous weeks of being a mommy have already flown by and I have come to learn that certain items make life much easier because they exist. So, I thought I would follow mommy-blogger trend and put together a list of my favorites. This is not to say there aren't several other items that McKenzie and I use regularly that could be easily be added to the list, but I tried (key word: tried) to keep the list to a minimum since it is supposed to be favorites. But, those who know me also know I have lots of room to love many things (3 majors in college, 10 bridesmaids, over 100 pairs of heels ...) so it is a bit longer than I originally intended. None-the-less, here are the items I have grown to love and depend on over the past 6 weeks.

1. Fisher Price Neborn Rock n' Play Sleeper: Little miss spends quite a bit of time in her rocker and she just loves it! We use it for day time naps and now, thanks to her reflux, night time too. It fold up easily to move around the house easily and also throw in the trunk when we head to family and friend's houses.

2. Boppy (with Owl slip cover): Really any Boppy is fabulous and extremely helpful, but my obsession with owls makes this slip cover my fave but I do have a cute polka dot and stripe back-up cover for life's little messes :) Right now I mainly use it for nursing and propping McKenzie up to lay on the floor. We haven't used it for tummy time yet, but I'm sure I will give that a try soon.

3. Boppy Heirloom Changing Pad Liners: First, changing pad liners in general are amazing. They go over the cute covers that match our nursery (and cost a pretty penny) to prevent stains from those lovely blowouts and open-air accidents - yes, girls have them too, which I did not know. I like the Heirloom 2-pack though because they are in these cute shapes and help accent the previously mentioned cover, instead of hiding it.

4. WubbaNub: We were a little late to this trend but a recent shopping trip for nursing tops introduced us to our dear froggy friend. I had seen them in other blogs but didn't understand why people were so obsessed, now I do. While McKenzie is still too little to hold in her own pacifier, the little frog (there are also other animals) helps to keep enough resistance against the pacifier to keep it from popping out so easily. And, should it fall out, helps to keep it at a reachable distance from her mouth so she can eventually navigate back to the pacifier. When she is old enough and figures out how those cute little hands of hers work, it will be a little friend for her to hold and cuddle with. We love our little froggy.

5. BabyGiraffe: This is one of my clever Keekoo finds. We tried a mirror that hooks to the headrest, but it didn't really work with my car. So, while the mirror is smaller, we use this instead. It clips and unclips easily from the car seat and is easily adjusted. When we get past the need (or find a bigger mirror that works) it has other great attachments like a sunshade, toy ring and even bottle sling. I am in love with this car seat necessity!

6. Zippered Footie Jammies: I have both snap and zipper versions of these "sleep n' play" pajamas and hands down the zippers win. Little miss does not like wardrobe changes yet, so snapping all those buttons is just a headache. All future pajama purchases will have zippers!

7. Lansinoh TheraPearl 3-in-1 Breast Therapy: These were a life saver when my milk came in and continue to ease any discomfort during breast feeding. I recommend buying two packs. One to keep in the freezer and one to have on hand for heating. I use the heat before pumping to help with let-down and the cool is refreshing when boobs are tender from marathon feedings or after bouts of engorgement.

8. LilyPadz: I love my LilyPadz. They are very discreet and reusable which makes them pretty convenient. They easily wipe down (or soap and water clean) rather than the cloth reusable pads and, as an added benefit, when you have them off to feed they get nice and cool which provides a brief relief after feeding. I still use this disposable ones on occasion because they are absorbent which these are not.

9. Pottery Barn Silicone Plug n' Go Owl Night Light: We received this as a gift and can't find it on the PBKids website anymore, but McKenzie loves her owl night light. The soft led light and color-changing glow really mesmerizes her and helps calm her down during the rare late-night fits. Plus it's an owl, so you know I love it!

10. Aden and Anais SwaddlePlus Wraps: I love these blankets. They are thin enough to stay breathable in the AZ Summer heat and big enough to grow with her. They also make a good car seat cover because of how breathable they are. Plus, they come in really cute patterns! 

11. Babies R Us Interlock Burp Cloths: I love these because they are thick (making them super absorbent) and pretty. However, there are two kinds, a rougher, terrycloth-type material and a softer cotton material. McKenzie prefers the softer one. She actually lets me wipe her cute little chin with it where she will cry with the others. 

12. Lulaclips: These are another great Keekoo find! These a magnetic safety pins that attach to your car seat to keep the car seat buckles out of the seat bottom, making it easier to put little ones in - which is a huge fight for us most times.

13. Baby Jogger's City Select Stroller: I am still obsessed with my stroller and we are out and about regularly so it gets plenty of use. It fold easily, pops open easily, maneuvers effortlessly through the store and, with the new Britax B-Safe conversion pieces, is so easy to use as a travel system while she is still in her infant carrier and too little for the real seat. I could go on and on about this stroller - seriously.

There you have it, my top 13 (odd number I know) list of favorite baby accessories from birth to 6 weeks. Can't wait to see what other fun baby gear comes into play more as she gets older. I seriously have some cool stuff just waiting to be used. I am pretty excited.

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  1. Love your list! I am also a huge fan of the lilypadz and the therapearl breast therapy...amazing! Madeline loves the swaddle blankets also. I just wish I waited and bought the girly designs, we have the gender neutral ones. I think I need to purchase a wubbanub, she can't keep her paci in for the life of her :) I can't wait to see what else you love, I'm looking forward to future lists.


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