Family of Four

Family of Four

Saturday, February 16, 2013

35 Weeks: 35 Days and Counting

It hasn't been long since my last update, but it feels like ages ago. Work has been absolutely insane (I will not vent, I will not vent, I will not vent!) and I feel that if it doesn't ease up soon my Dr. is not going to be happy with my stress levels. I am totally looking forward, but also completely terrified to take my 3 month maternity leave. Looking forward because 1. I need a break, and 2. I will get to spend all that time with my daughter - how cool is that?!? However; I am terrified because of what is going to happen to all my hard work while I am away and the big ole' mess I am going to have to clean up. Oh well I guess, all I can do is my best to prepare my co-workers to cover my work, then it is out of my hands for 3 months.

One of my sales teams took me out for a celebratory lunch this past week. It was so much fun and so very thoughtful. I just love them and couldn't ask for better co-workers. So as much as work stresses me out from time to time (mostly just when I have to take over other people's work on top of mine) I wouldn't trade it because my team is just so fabulous. I fought hard to be able to work with them and couldn't be happier that I do. I also got to grab lunch with a college friend who works downtown as well (she works for the Suns - how cool is that?). I have to admit that I love lunch dates. I love catching up with old friends and mixing up the daily routine a bit from time to time. The only thing better than a lunch date is a brunch date with mimosas, but I am obviously currently on a hiatus from those for now :)

On Friday morning, Mac headed to California to hang out with our friends Randi and John, but more importantly pick up McKenzie's furniture that was made by the talented John Sedigh of Art For Kids! Nothing but the best for this little one. Now I just need to find an equally fabulous glider for the room, which apparently takes 8 weeks to come in. Oooops .. Procrastination at it's finest right here. But my strollers are all set and ready to go! Have I mentioned how obsessed I am with my stroller? My mom got me my highly coveted Baby Jogger City Select. I have been obsessing over this beauty for months and now it is finally mine - fully equipped with the new Britax B-Safe adapter! I also got Mac the Britax B-Agile jogger stroller as a Valentine's present for Mac. He has been rollerblading lately and would like to take her out for rides, but he is not ruining my City Select (even though the company is called Baby Jogger, the City Select is not a jogging stroller). So, I got him his very own jogging stroller, plus I can use it to take her on training runs for my endurance event training.

What else? Hmmm ... did I mention in the last post that we started our prepared birthing classes this past week? That was terrifying! I am not too nervous about the delivery itself, well I should correct that, I can't do anything to change how easy or difficult it will be and I trust my doctors to know what they are doing. I am getting a lot of useful information in the classes about options, which is good, but nobody knows how the day will go so I don't see any point in over analyzing, over preparing and stressing over it all. I just want to tour the hospital and get a run down of what to expect from check-in to check-out and then I can take it from there. No more graphic details and overly critical pregnant women forcing there preferences on the entire class. No, I do not want a mirror to see what;s going on, no I do not want to touch her head, no I do not want to give birth on all fours like a wild animal. And yes, I plan on letting my doctor induce labor and provide an epidural should with, or bot, be needed. For anyone that wants differently than me, more power to them. I am all for everyone having the experience they want to have, so let me have the one I want. :) Ok jumping off my soap box now. ;)  On to the weekly update!

Geez .. I just realized how long this post has become, sorry!!! Hope I did not lose too many of you :)

Oh and do you see that?!?! 35 days until her due date!! Oh my! I am about to be a mommy and have this perfect little person around all the time. It's still a little unbelievable. Wow ... how awesome, right?!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

34 Weeks: Showered With Love

This past week was McKenzie's baby shower and oh my! is this little girl loved. Thank you so much to everyone who came to celebrate with us and showered her with so many fabulous gifts. While exhausting, I had such a great time. Chrissy did such a fabulous job with planning and setting up the whole thing (plus Nicole and Melissa who helped out as well). I just wish I had been able to snap some more pictures.I will post the ones I have, and can locate though soon.

This week we start our prepared birthing classes at the hospital (we actually had the first one tonight). It was pretty terrifying to be honest. Luckily it's just one day, right?! :)

Well I am late on this post and it's getting pretty late. So, since I have work tomorrow and it is going to be quite the hectic week, I am going to move right along to the weekly update.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

33 Weeks: Big Dreams and the Big Game

It's been a pretty good week although I am starting to see how much of a toll this pregnancy really is taking on me. I have a bunch of contracts to file at work and I have never felt more out of shape than when I try to get into that bottom drawer. Seriously - who works up a sweat filing papers? Oh that's right, this girl

On top of that I have been having weird bouts of nausea - mostly when I wake up and I am hungry or have had too much to eat. But that doesn't stop me from gorging myself on Paradise Bakery chocolate chip cookies at lunch. Seriously! What is in those things to make them so dang good?!? I figure I will let myself take advantage a bit now and then the real work and discipline can come after miss McKenzie arrives. It's my goal to be back to pre baby weight before I go back to work - so 12 weeks to get back in shape (and hopefully even better shape). Totally doable, right?!? I mean bikini season is just around the corner from her due date so I need to slim down fast if I plan to build up my tan again!

Mac also finished paining our bedroom this week. I plan to post pictures of the house once it's all done. Aren't you excited? For now, there is still quite a bit of work to do as far as decorating. But now that it's painted, I can get stuff on the walls and find decor for each room. Slowly but surely this house is becoming our home, but I have no plans of being finished by the time she gets here - so it may be awhile still. In the meantime, anyone know where to get fabulous Queen-size grey and white bedding. I want a gray tiered ruffle bed skirt to go with it too ...

ok - on to the update. Oh! and I had planned on posting this picture tomorrow but realized I have a pretty busy day ahead of me, so the Super Bowl part is just a tad early. My bad!

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