Family of Four

Family of Four

Sunday, November 25, 2012

23 Weeks: Happy Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving! We had a eventful Thursday with our usual serving of two dinners. Baby was quite satisfied to say the least. It's always a pleasure getting together with each of our families. I am so glad neither of us has the strained in-law relationships that I hear so much about. Other than Thursday the rest of the weekend was pretty quiet. I had to work Friday, so no black Friday frenzy for this shopoholic but I got to spend tons of time with one of my besties, Chrissy, to get ready for her daughter's fourth birthday party this evening.

That is one thing that I somewhat expected but didn't think would actually happen to me with this pregnancy. Many of my pre-pregnancy friends have gone a bit MIA. Thanks to miss Chrissy, my social calendar isn't completely lacking but compared to the overstuffing of activities and various invites that usually ensue during the holidays, it has been crickets. I guess it's for the better, since I should be taking it easy anyway, but why do people get it in their heads that just because I can't join them for in the drinking part of happy hours and late-night shenanigans, doesn't mean I don't appreciate the invite and wouldn't come out to be social. Oh well. I can't change how people think or behave, just how I react to it. So, I choose to find other sources of entertainment.

Other than that, no further progress has been made on the major decisions. Well, that's not true. We are pretty much decided on a name and reveled it to the families on Thanskgiving. Being the super cheeseball that I am, I am keeping it concealed for now so we can do a big, fun, official baby name reveal.  So, in other words, stay tuned! :) In the meantime, any guesses on what our precious little one will be named? Leave your thoughts below. And now ... the weekly update.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Higher the Hair, The Closer to God!

It is no secret that I am obsessed with all things big and fabulous. Sky high shoes, chunky rings and most importantly, volumized hair. While all three hold a very special, and equally important place in my heart, this blog is specifically dedicated to the third - hair as high as a Southern Belle.

I have used countless ounces of Bumble and Bumble hair powder since I first discovered it, check out my original tribute to big hair (and my obsession with B&B) here and here. My one problem with this product is how much of the color gets on my hands during the styling process and throughout the day when I give in to my bad habit of playing with my hair (and re-fluffing).So, when I stumbled upon (through the my other obsession - Pinterest) this video blog on achieving Texas-worthy hair, I decided to give it a shot. Now normally, the techniques I see on video blogs are rather lacking or at least not to my taste. The girls in the videos go for a slight lift at the root, and adapting it for anything more tends to fall flat rather quickly. But this one is different, the girl loves her volume almost as much as I love mine and the look really lasts!

22 Weeks: One Whole Pound

One whole pound? Our baby is growing so fast and apparently is supposed to double in size this next week. I can't help but feel a little stressed out about all the things still ahead of us that we have yet to make decisions on: 

her name
nursery furniture/decor
car seat/stroller
new car

Pretty much everything ... I mean, it's not like we haven't made any progress on some of these, I just thought I would know more by now. For the name, we have narrowed it down to 3 choices (and do have middle names paired). I feel like this is probably the biggest decision we will make for her since she has to live with it for her whole life. We haven't completely decided if we are going to share the final decision on the name before she arrives or not though. I have heard several convincing reasons to keep it to ourselves, but I am really bad at keeping secrets - it was nearly impossible to wait to announce we were expecting (I told so many more people before then official announcement than I had originally planned) and even harder to keep it in for just a few days that our little one will be a she.

What do you think? Share the name, or keep it a secret?

As for the nursery furniture, I feel like everything I like, Mac hates :( SERIOUSLY! I always envisioned white furniture with pink and grey decor but he hates white furniture. Then I also like the wrought-iron four-post cribs, but he thinks they look like little baby jails. I'm at a loss ... I found this nursery on Pinterest and immediately fell in love. 

Wouldn't it be perfect for our little girl? 

Here is the same style crib in a more neutral room (replace yellow with pink?)

I also love this nursery for Dr. Phil's Granddaughter

It's a good thing one of our close friends runs Art For Kids and can be the voice of reason and expertise when we come down to making our decisions. I seriously die when I look at all the fabulous nurseries they have designed! I mean honestly, with their furniture in the nurseries of Jennifer Lopez, Kimora Lee Simons, Monique Lhullier and Melania Trump, among other, I know I am in good hands - and how could Mac possibly argue ;)

Really though, look at Mariah Carey's nursery they did. What's not to love?

Now do you see why this is so difficult for me though? So many great options out there and just one little room to decorate for our girl. I'm stressed just typing about it. Can someone start a petition to get my husband to favor white furniture? or at least my cute wrought-iron cribs?

Okie, enough running through the never-ending list of things left to do and on to the weekly update. 

Monday, November 12, 2012

21 Weeks: Thumpity Thump

That's right! Little one is moving and grooving and kicking up a storm. Her faint little thumps aren't quite strong enough for anyone but me to feel, but it's pretty neat. And while I can't wait for Mac to be able to feel our little girl, it's kind of fun having these special moments between just us.

On top of that, the weather has begun dropping drastically and, as much as I love summer, I am so excited for some cute new fall fashion. Coats, boots and scarves oh my! I just can't wait. I also learned a new teasing technique so I am having all sorts of fun getting ready these days - let's just hope it lasts. Fret not, this new voluptuous hair technique will make it's very own debut on a blog post soon.

With that said, let's get on with the weekly update.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

20 Weeks: Halfway There!

It's been quite the week! We finally hit our halfway mark and I started feeling this little one moving around. It was so subtle at first, but today it was certain. That little girls kicked me. and now I think she is messing with me because I have had many more trips to the bathroom with minimal need. I think she is intentionally kicking my bladder now that she knows I can feel her. Guess I shouldn't have said she wasn't strong enough all these weeks leading up haha.

Halloween was also this past week and i was the epitome of lame. I was laid up in bed all Saturday with a horrible migraine and didn't ever muster up the energy to put together my costume and head out with friends. So I told Mac to go out and have fun for the both of us, and it sounds like that was a success. Unfortunately, that lack of energy left me with no costume and no strong urge to make one for a midweek holiday. But I was going to go as a mummy - inspired by Jessica Simpson's pregnancy reveal.

I just love how she used the lace to give it a really feminine look. I probably would have paired it with a cute white tutu (because my tutu obsession is getting a bit out of hand) but alas, some other time maybe? Well, shall we move on to the weekly bump update?

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