Family of Four

Family of Four

Friday, March 22, 2013

Wardrobe Wrap Up: Styling the Bump 32 & 33 Weeks

I am admittedly slacking (severely) slacking on the wardrobe wrap-ups I aspired to start doing, but it is not for lack of trying. I did take the effort to assemble my best attempts at fashionable outfits, and even photographed them. But, for some reason I kept failing to upload them to this blog as intended. As I got further and further from the original post date, I was less and less diligent about taking the photos and then, once the heels went, pretty much stopped all together. So, I have a few to catch up on, and rather than slapping them all in one blog post, I am changing the formula a bit.

I am going to posts a few photos at a time and make it more reminiscent of times when I didn't have to stuff swollen feet in ballet flats and find clothes that don't make me look like the marshmallow puff man from Ghostbusters. Here goes nothing ;) Photos below are from weeks 32 and 33.

Button Up Shirt:  I will have to find this one - sorry! Sweatshirt: Gap Maternity; Jeans: I got them at Savvy Sale - so I will need to look up where they originally came from; Sash: Etsy Shop - FantsyYouFashion

Shirt: I need to find this one too; Legging: Forever 21; Shoes: Shoe Dazzle

Black Shirt: Cotton On; Undershirt: Gap Maternity; Pants: Francesca's

Ok, enough fashion fun for now. I need to get out of the house and start walking this baby out and without some of these items in front of me, can't for the life of me remember where they are from - useless, I know! I blame pregnancy brain - hey! I am making the most of that one while it still applies ;)

And yes, she still has a day until her due date but hubby and I are quite impatient and with contractions officially beginning, I have no desire to allow these last few days to drag on.

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