Family of Four

Family of Four

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Engagement Photo Love

If you had the chance to read the other blog I had started way back when, you know that the road to finding most of our vendors was long and full of many interviews. It wasn't that we didn't like the people we met with, it was actually quite the opposite, it was just that I, being the planner and obsessive person that I am, wanted to get a good idea of the variety of vendors out there, so hence. many, many vendor meetings.

With that being said, we love our vendors, well with the exception of my bridal dress shop, but that's another blog for another time ;) Feel free to browse through who were are using - I listed them to the right (minus the dress shop - no free publicity for them!) One of the vendors we have had the most interaction with since signing the contract is our fabulous photographers Amy and Byron from A&B Photos.

They are a husband and wife team here in the Valley and are absolutely wonderful. We really clicked with them right off and were so comfortable leaving our wedding day memories in their more than capable hands.They are so fun to be around so that makes it much easier to relax in front of the camera, oh AND Amy loves shoes just like me which makes her that much better.

Well back in October we had the pleasure of getting together with them for our engagement photo session and let me just say it was such a great experience. It just so happened to also be the day of our 5 year anniversary (or maybe the day before) and we had so much fun. We took pictures at McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park where we got to play on the Carousel and even dance in a Gazebo (just like Twilight heehee) and finished the day with pictures of my pretty car. It was so much fun and I honestly can't wait to see what fabulous shots they get from the wedding.

Well the other day I got a fun little surprise when I found out that they blogged about us and even made some cute collages of some of our engagement photos.


The funny thing is that individually I wouldn't have picked a few of these photos as my favorite but I think they all fit together pretty well and kind of tell a story. So I really like it.

If you want to see more photos from the engagement shoot go here and if you are anything like me and totally obsessed with looking at wedding pictures (which may not be true for those whose lives aren't currently consumed with thoughts of wedding planning dancing in their head) check out their featured weddings, wedding gallery and there are some fun ones in their trash the dress gallery too. They have a bunch of great work so make sure you have some time to look around if you head over!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Wedding Day Bling!

Just a quick post to get your thoughts! I received an email from my jewelry designer today with some sketches for my bracelet. We already decided on the necklace and she is in the process of creating that, but now I need to pick my matching bracelet.

Here is the inspiration for my necklace:
It will have a drop down like this with the two small stones and one large stone.

But the necklace itself will be a double strand of pearls. 

Knowing that, here is the inspiration and sketches for my bracelet:

Option 1:  
1 stone (same size as the small ones in the necklace) in the center the rest is all silver

Option 2: 
1 large stone in the center & a few smaller stones around it. 
This one is going to be the most flashy.

Option 3:  
Uses the same pair shaped stone as the necklace

I think I know which one I like best but want your opinions too. What do you think?

Saturday, February 6, 2010

All About the Invites

I sat down today to work on our wedding invitations again and I think I finally found the design inspiration I was looking for.

I already knew that I wanted to have pocket fold invites because of all the information that needs to be included, but I had no clue what I wanted them to look like design wise. When I stumbled across these beauties from I instantly fell in love and wanted to incorporate these elements into our invites.



I need to change out the light pink for our pink and our actual pocket fold layout is a bit different, but aren't they pretty? I am so excited to work off this and get our invites done. 

My goal is to have the mock up done by Sunday night and off to the print shop to get the design finalized, proofed and printed by March 15 so I have a week to assemble, stuff and send out for my March 22nd mail date :) fingers crossed everything goes according as planned!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Happy Wedding Week

Still no progress on recovering the old blog from the ZooLoo boys, so no old posts yet :( However; there are a few wedding updates to share.

Awhile back the dress shop, whom I hate and wish I had never gone to because they are just AWFUL, told me my dress was shipping on the 20th of January so I should have it by the end of January. Since I had previously had so many problems with the shop I called the other day to check up on the shipment and no dress yet but they PROMISED it will be in on the 12th of this month! Woohoo. My mom and I are going to pick it up on Saturday. I am so excited to see it and try it on again.

With that, I can finally take it to meet with my jewelry designer and she can start working on my veil too! Everything wardrobe wise is starting to come together and I am ecstatic about it. For those of you who don't already know I bought my shoes. I got a great deal on a fabulous pair of pink Valentinos.


Aren't they fabulous?!? Unfortunately we are still waiting on 2 bridesmaid dresses one will be in at the end of this month anf the other some time in April. Fingers crossed the April one is early!!

Lastly, I am making great progress on the invites. I am only creating mock-ups this time so they don't have to be prefect layout and design wise. The creative girl at my dad's company is going to take my idea and recreate it on her software with all of her stuff so it works better on their end anyway so she said to just give a general mock-up of what I want and she will make it look perfect.

That is such a relief because those silly Save the Dates took me so long and I didn't even wind up being able to send out my magnets, which were my favorite part...

Oh yea, and I ordered petals for the aisle (we can't use real ones in the church) and our candy bar boxes too - I just need to add our monogram and some pink ribbon or something cute. It has been a very happy wedding week and I am looking forward to more happy checks off the wedding to do list.


Monday, February 1, 2010

Checkity Check Check!

This weekend we finished our wedding registries! There are a few items here and there that we will still add and continue to update as needed, but they are done!  With that, I was able to update the wedding site with some new details which always makes me happy.

I also sent in our contract and deposit for the linens and centerpieces. I am so excited to have this done and finalized, now we can move on to finalizing my ideas for the centerpieces. Linens are already set and perfect, and centerpieces are coming along I just need to meet with them to give a bit more direction and then they will mock up the 3 different looks I am going for. Here is kind of what I am thinking for those who haven't visited the planning site yet.

Damask Table with vases of pink and black LED lit gels

Photo from, 
but I think the picture is by Anna Kuperberg
Pearl table - with glass bowls filled with pearls and strands on the table
My first table mock-up form a few months ago
Table designed by Encore Creative 

Crystal Table - with votives and loose crystals instead of flowers
Photo from

Lastly, Kyle and I sat down and wrote out everything that we have left to do (well he sat on the couch next to me watching sports while I typed everything out haha). It is FIVE PAGES long. Holy geez!! I mean, it is super detailed down to things that need to be done after the wedding as well but, woah, lots left to do.

Next on the list of immediate items:

Schedule our meeting with the Pastor
Finalize invite mock-up and send to printer
Call dress shop about when my gown and Nicole's replacement will be in.
Send email to my bridesmaids about alterations, accessories, etc.
Finalize transportation decision
Decide on dance classes and sign up
Attend menu and cake tasting

I figure if I make it a point to knock of 4-5 things a week then I will be in great shape when all is said and done. When I signed on for planning this wedding I didn't realize all of the little details that pile up. I am still having fun planning by m,y goodness there is lots to do!
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