Family of Four

Family of Four

Saturday, March 2, 2013

37 Weeks - Full Term!

Oops! I missed my 36 week update! Sorry. Honestly, things have been so busy around here. Between trying to prepare my co-workers for my maternity leave, getting our house ready for McKenzie's arrival  and the variety of other events/activities and obligations pulling us in this way and that, I couldn't even get myself to pull out my laptop let alone sit down to write my blog. So, apologies and this week will include a double dose of baby bump.

A quick review from what was missed because of my absent blog: my weekly appointments have begun and as of 35 weeks and 5 days last Thursday), I was 1cm and 50%. Then I had some really bad cramping the next day and headed into OB triage to find out, the cramps were just round ligament pain and miss McKenzie's big 'ole head (ok it's actually pretty little - but doesn't feel that way when pressing on my pelvis) getting into position. But turns out I had progressed a bit more and was at 1cm, 80% and -2. This sent me into a bit of a panic, not because it means she will be here, but I really need to stop procrastinating packing my hospital bag. I already have hers done - that was easy peezy, I just had to pick out some cute outfits to dress her up in and throw in a few other knick knacks. My bag has been a point of frustration and procrastination for a few weeks now. I have actively avoided thinking about delivery day so packing a bag for it doesn't get me excited. Plus I am a chronic over-packer and the task just seems so daunting to figure out what I really do and do not need. Plus getting her nursery ready always sounds like so much more fun.

Then, this past Wednesday I got to see our little one. She is measuring below the 50th percentile but looking healthy and great. The ultrasound tech predicted a 6.5/7 pound baby if she arrives on her due date. Whew! As much as I love a little chunky baby thigh, delivering a 9/10 pound baby didn't sound like much fun. I am perfectly ok with her being a little one and then chunking her out once she's born. :)

On Thursday I went for my 36 week appointment and I was 2cm, 80-90% and still at -2. Doctor Urig seemed pretty happy with this and said it can be days or it can be weeks still. He is happy with the progression and says it indicates a very nice delivery. I like the sound of that. Because I haven't had any contractions it probably won't be days, but those can come any day and then that means it;s show time. He did say the more progression before labor, the better for me, so ... I guess I can hold out on meeting McKenzie if it makes D Day a bit more bearable. Oy - next subject.

On a more fun note, we have our maternity photos today! I am a little bummed because last week I started swelling which means no more heels and no more wedding rings :( I was hoping to be able to wear both for the pictures, we will see if fate is kind and let;'s me rock both for a bit. 

Well ... on to the bump!

How far along? 37 Weeks - Full Term!!!!
Maternity clothes? Oh yes. I barely fit some of my early preggo pants even now and had to go get some new ones. Sad! but i can still rock most of my shirts and some of my skirts. Most of my dresses look like tunics so leggings are a must.
Sleep: I wake up so much earlier these days. I guess that is good since I feel like little one won't want to sleep until 11 on the weekends :)
Best moment this week: Seeing our little girl, learning she shouldn't be a big baby, getting more done in the nursery, my surprise work baby shower, getting McKenzie's bag packed.
Miss Anything? Tanning, skinny jeans and now - my rings and heels.
Movement: She's an active one. She moves all the time, until someone wants to feel and she stops.
Food cravings: Grapes, strawberries, apple sauce, juice, chocolate, ice cream and brownies.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Shredded chicken.
Labor Signs: currently 2cm, 80-90% and -2. No contractions, but lots of cramps.
Belly Button in or out? In - it's holding strong for now, but I doubt it will last much longer.
Wedding rings on or off? Off :(
Happy or moody most of the time: Depends on the day - and the person.
Looking forward to: Our maternity photos (kinda - I am still bummed about the shoes and swelling), finishing her nursery, my glider and her swing to arrive!

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