Family of Four

Family of Four

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wardrobe Wrap Up: Styling the Bump 31 Weeks

My intent with this blog was always to be a little more than just blogging about my life and, now, pregnancy progress. I have always been interested in beauty, fashion and ... well ... pretty much anything fun/fabulous. :) 

However, because I write the occasional product review for AZ Spa Girls, I am hesitant to write reviews or blogs that conflict with what I do for them and have tread lightly when deciding how to expand. So, bear with me as I slowly explore new regular post opportunities. For the first experimental series, I am keeping it simple (gotta love the K.I.S.S method) and showing a compilation of recent outfits. 

There are really a few reasons for my wanting to try out a series like a Wardrobe Round Up 
1. (and probably the most important) To keep me from getting lazy with my outfits. While I just don't have the effort to get all dressed up every single day, I do not want to use my expanding waistline as an excuse to get frumpy/lazy with my outfit assembly. So, holding myself accountable a few times a week by snapping pictures should help keep me on track.

2. Whenever pregnancy round 2 comes around, I hope to have the same dedication I currently have to not lose my sense of style. But, being an occasional pessimist (or as I like to call it, realist) since I will have miss McKenzie running around my heels and occupying much of the free time I currently enjoy, I can use these posts as a cheat sheet of what to wear.

3. To make sure the outfits that I am putting together in the morning look as good on film as they do in mirrors. Do you remember that part from Clueless where she takes Polaroids of her outfits because "she doesn't trust mirrors"? It's kind of like that I guess.

4. When McKenzie finally arrives I can share the spotlight with her and feature all of the adorable outfits she is sure to wear just once or twice. :)

5. Last but not least, this picture really says it all:
I suppose I should post the outfits now ... oh geez, now I am nervous ... This sounded like such a great idea in my head but now, it may just be ridiculous ... Here goes nothing. 

Blazer: Zara Shirt: Gap Maternity Jeans: Gap Maternity

Cardigan: Express Dress (that currently fits like a long shirt): H&M Leggings: Forever 21 Boots: Dolce Salon and Spa Boutique

Shirt: Forever 21 Skirt: H&M (I think - it's super old and super comfy) Shoes: Shiekh (Quipid Brand)

Well that wraps up my first Wardrobe Round Up. Hope you enjoyed. I'm sure some weeks will have more than others and as I rapidly grow over the next two months - that's correct! McKenzie's due date is exactly 2 MONTHS away today - more and more maternity clothes will be featured, but for now, I am still able to make due with some modifications to my pre-pregnancy wardrobe.

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