Family of Four

Family of Four

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Photo Challenge Wednesday

For months I have watched friend after friend slowly jump on the photo-a-day trend. I didn't really understand it much until I looked through my Instagram and realized I have very little variety in my pictures lately. So, here I am hoping on the trend. I figured, instead of just limiting the fun to Instagram and an occasional Facebook share, why not incorporate a weekly round up of photos on here to breathe a little extra life into the blog. I hope to get more creative as the challenges go on and add a few fun photos here and there to spice it up, but for now it's probably best I follow the KISS method and just try to keep up with it. So, here it goes ...

The Challenge

Day 1: Your View
The baby belly. This is my currently expanding view. Couldn't be more in love with this little bump (as long as it quickly diminishes once Princess arrives).

Day 2: Favorite Holiday Movie
Surprise, Surprise! I am indecisive and couldn't pick between these two. Isn't Cindy Lou Who just the cutest  though?!? (even if she did turn into little Jenny Humphrey

Day 3: Red
This was a bit of a challenge given that I live is a perfectly pink world ;) But my obsession with Starbucks Green Tea prevailed and I found this little gift card that did the job well. Promptly after posting the picture I remembered some cute white and red stripe socks I received last year for Christmas and my pretty red lip gloss from the latest Birchbox delivery  that would have been perfect. Oh well!

Day 4: Joyous
I struggled with this a bit until I stumbled across this fab photo of me crossing the finish line of the Soma Half Ironman. What is more joyous than completing 70.3 miles??

Day 5: Weather
Temps as I headed to and from work today. No matter how much I will it and insist on wearing my winter attire, it's just not yet winter weather. Looks like a little "cold front" is sweeping in, so maybe this weekend? Until then I will just swoon over the fabulous boots and scarf accessorizing the fab outfits of my friends in chillier weather.

Like I said, nothing too fabulous at the moment, let's see if I get any better.more creative as time goes on. If not, I apologize in advance. Hopefully you at least have fun getting a sneak peek into the day in the life of same because you know it's just oh so glamorous ;)

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