Family of Four

Family of Four

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

27 Weeks: 3 More Months!

Sorry for the delay and what will be a very short and sweet post, but with the holidays, things have been so hectic around here. We had friends in town all week and then tons of family friend traditions to keep up with and this mama to be is exhausted! Luckily just 1.5 days of work this week whew!

I will say that I feel like I double in size daily. I know it''s in my head but some days I feel just HUGE! I am trying to enjoy it, because it truly is exciting. But when it is a struggle to zip by booties or pull up pants, I'm not so much loving it. This topic prompted the exploration into both my and Mac's size at birth and I'm hoping for my jeans at 7 lbs versus Mac's 8 lbs 10 oz. However, my sister and his sister were also in the 8's, so ... chances are little miss will follow suite. I'm still crossing my fingers that she takes after mommy, but I do love a chunky baby, so we will see.

All is all a fabulous Christmas with the families. Little miss got tons of cute threads and some other awesome items. And I never thought I would get so excited about a diaper bag, but my mother in law bought me this Petunia Pickle Bottom bag that I have been obsessing over and I am just in heaven. She also got a fabulous princess blanket from my daddy, some cute new shoes (and clothes) from her daddy and grandma (my mother-in-law), and an amazing, hand-made baby blanket from Mac's cousin. She is one lucky (and very loved) little girl.

Speaking of gifts, Mac got me a Canon Rebel T3i. I am over the moon. I am by no means a photographer and don't really have any intentions of making a serious hobby out of it, but I can't wait to start snapping pictures of our precious little one! I played around with it at Christmas today and with the minuscule amount that I know about the camera and photography in general, got some great pictures. So expect lots of fun visuals on the blog soon! Yay. Ok, I am struggling to keep my eyes open and have an early day in the office. On to the weekly update!

Oh - and guess who finally has a name! That's right, we finally picked her name after having to ditch the first one. I am in love with it, and her of course. We are still telling family and friends, but expect the official announcement very shortly! I know you are all just as excited as me. :)

How far along? 27 Weeks 3 Day
Maternity clothes? Yes, I plan to live in my maternity sweaters for the rest of my life. the shirt is my only maternity item in this weeks photo.
Stretch marks? None and I intend to do all I can to keep it that way.
Sleep: At no fault of the pregnancy, I have had very little sleep the past week and a half. I am beyond exhausted.
Best moment this week: Family and friend holiday traditions. It makes me so excited to bring her into this amazing group of people we cherish so much. There is so much love and fun all around, we are so blessed and, in turn, so is she. Oh! and setting a tentative date for the baby shower. Yea!
Miss Anything? Red wine, especially after holiday dinners and other gatherings. Lox bagels - we made this our Christmas breakfast tradition after getting married, and had to opt for breakfast burritos today instead. But I cooked them which made me feel like such a grown up heehee. See, I am getting the hang of this domestic thing!
Movement: She refuses to move if she thinks anyone is around to feel her. She will just kick me in the bladder instead or let me know when she is not a fan of my current position.
Food cravings: Cereal, frozen grapes, 
Anything making you queasy or sick: Shredded chicken. Too much sweets.
Labor Signs: No
Belly Button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy! I love the holidays!
Looking forward to: Registering for baby shower, getting the nursery painted and announcing the name we selected for little miss. What I am not looking forward to is my Dr Appointment on Thursday. I have to do the test for Gestational Diabetes and, while I am not worried about the results, I hear the drink they give you is beyond gross and I am not excited about hanging out in the waiting room for an hour. I get soooo bored.

Thanks for stopping by and checking in on me and baby Mac. Check back tomorrow for the photo challenge and then later this week for the official name announcement. Yippee!

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