Family of Four

Family of Four

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Photo Challenge Wednesday

Day 13: Family
Me, hubby and baby bump ;) at Nicole's dad's bday celebration!

Day 14: Christmas Tree. 
Lookie what husband did during one if my not-so-seldom late nights in the office! We are officially decorated and ready for Christmas! Yay

Day 15: Favorite holiday song
It's a tie with Baby It's Cold Outside. But I think this one pulls ahead just a bit!

Day 16: Outside Christmas Lights
My dream is to one day have a house decorated this so marvelously (like this) that people stop to take it all in.

Day 17: Presents!
Love this pretty little ornaments one of my co-workers got for me! (Yes the same one who on occasion leaves fabulous cupcakes for me on my desk!)

Day 18: Stocking 
Christmas 2011- Showing off my new sparkly pink stocking filled with Riesens from hubby. He knows me so well

Day 19: Candy Cane 
We don't have any on the tree. But I saw these on Pinterest and thought they were fabulous!

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