Family of Four

Family of Four

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Photo Challenge Wednesday

Props to me! It appears I was able to get another whole week under my belt with this photo challenge. I'm not sure I'm  fan of each day's challenge as I seem to be seeking out photos or opportunities just for the sake of completing the day's photo goal. Oh well, at least it adds a little variety to my Instagram stream I guess, right? So, without further ado. Here are this weeks photos. For a refresher, visit last week's blog to see the full list of photo challenges.

Day 6: Shopping
Since I don't make a habit of having photographic evidence of the money I spend (like it's going out of style), here are my latest documented purchases. Baby clothes, shoes and Birchbox - what more could a girl want?!

Day 7: Bright! 
Love the bright twinkling lights of Zoo Lights and company of good friends like Jadiann (if you don't already, please go like her page on Facebook!)

Day 8: Ornaments
Due to house painting no ornaments out yet. So here are a few choices for my commemorative ornaments this year 

Day 9: Something you are reading
Christmas gift I requested last year. Gotta keep it classy!

Day 10: Wrapping Paper
A fun picture from last Christmas - my nephew and I burying ourselves in his makeshift fort with all the tissue paper from our presents. Love this kid!

Day 11: Green
Step one - get tree. Step two - decorate. Still haven't gotten around to step 2, but at least we have a tree, right?!? :)

Day 12: A Beautiful Sight! 
Our baby girl (a few weeks back) at 23 weeks in the making. So in love!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my weekly photo round up. See you in the next blog post ;)

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