Family of Four

Family of Four

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Super Bowl Workout

With Mac out of town and my current "expecting" status, I decided to keep Super Bowl low key this year and just stay home - especially with kickoff taking place mid nap for Z. But, as I was sitting on the couch flipping through the channels for something to watch before the game, my strategically placed resistance band caught my eye (Best thing I could have done, seriously! Keep an eye out for a future "couch bum workout" post!) and I felt a twinge of guilt. So, I quickly out together an easy and fun workout I could do alongside game play. It turned out to be quite fun and I am so glad I did it! Not only was I able to get a workout in, but I was too busy watching the game for my next workout cue to eat endless munchies and snacks. It was also really fun to know I had a few friends across the country doing it with me! Thanks ladies!

In hindsight, I would have switched the push-ups for squats, by I suppose it was better that way since I really hate push-ups and it forced me to do them ... a lot. 

Point is, look for opportunities to incorporate quick, fun workouts into your daily routine. Or, better yet, check back here from time to time because I think I'll start posting more simple workouts like this as it was pretty simple and quite effective! 

PS - I'm not a "fan" of either team, so I picked a team for the sake of the workout and it turned out to be the wrong choice. So, my mini me decided to do my grand finale jumping jacks with me. Don't mind the insane outfit (I'd never pair fur with fur!!) - she decided to play dress up in her laundry basket, crazy kid! 

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