Family of Four

Family of Four

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

If You Don't Squeeze It, No One Else Will

Squats are great; really, I love squats. They are great for my legs, which is a constant struggle for me and makes my tushy firm and fab (just how it should be). But, even more than squats, I absolutely love, Love, LOVE booty blasters. Like many of my fitness obsessions, this one originated from my friend Liz, who kicked my butt into shape after McKenzie with Body Back boot camp classes. 

Quick note: I am 22 weeks pregnant in these photos, so just ignore our little mister trying to get in on the camera action via baby bump ;)

Booty blasters are quite simple. You need minimal, to no equipment and the entire booty workout can be done in just a few minutes from practically any location (that you don’t mind dropping onto all fours). Here’s how:

Yoga Mat
Resistance Band (optional)

On your yoga mat, get down on your hands and knees. If you will be using a resistance band (not necessary, but I like the added resistance and reward) place your foot through the handle and pull the tubing with your hands, adjusting to desired resistance. 

Keeping your back straight, elevate the leg with the resistance band attached to be parallel to the floor. In a slow, controlled motion, lift your leg toward the sky, squeezing your tush and tightening your core. Return it to the parallel position. You have completed your first rep.

Heel to sky - Bend your leg at the knee and flex your foot. Continue leg lift motion with keeping your foot flexed and parallel to the sky, return leg to parallel position. Note: your knee will go from a 90 degree angle (when parallel with the ground) to a 45 degree angle (when elevated).

Arabesque - Rotate your leg so your thigh is parallel to the ground. Bend your knee at a 90 degree angle, with your hip and leg pointing at 45 degree. drop your leg down so the arch of your elevated foot touches the heel of your anchored foot, return leg to parallel position. 

Fire Hydrant - With your thigh still parallel to the ground, adjust your knee position to the side, creating a 90 degree bend at the hip. Lower leg so the elevated knee touches the anchored knee, return leg to lifted position, keeping leg and hip at 90 degrees.

The Workout:
15 reps of straight leg
15 reps of arabesque
15 reps of heel to sky
15 reps of fire hydrant
repeat 2-3 time on the right leg, then switch and repeat on your left leg*

*I prefer to burnout one side entirely before switching to the other leg, but, you can opt to switch legs between each round if you so choose.

As I mentioned this can be done with, or without a resistance band, depending on your desired intensity. Additionally, if you have knee problems, instead of dropping onto all fours, you can find a half wall, bench, or even stable chair and complete the leg lifts from an elevated plank position, mid-thigh or higher would be an ideal height. This option will also help strengthen your core, both back and front.

Now grab a mat and get to it! And if you have a favorite booty exercise or two, share it below. I enjoy trying new ways to tone and tighten - especially those glutes. 

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