Family of Four

Family of Four

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

20 Weeks: Half Way Done

I have officially hit the designated half way mark with this pregnancy and, depending on the moment, I either can't believe 20 weeks have past already or I can't believe there are still 2 more weeks to go. Either way, there is a definitive bump starting to show and I, not that I want to but, there is no hiding it any more.

As I selected a few new tops for this pregnancy, I couldn't help but notice how my maternity style has changed this time around. Before I elected for high waist belts and tops that accentuated that I was pregnant. This time around, I prefer to stick to less "maternity" looks and more traditional fashions. It's not really to conceal the bump, but I suppose I don't feel the need to show it off like I used to. While I'm still totally self conscious of this awkward phase of is she or isn't she, I'm not really motivated to do much to make it apparent. Does that make sense?

On another note, I forgot how much I did not enjoy having to pick a name for McKenzie. And boy names are even harder. Between the two of us, we probably had a list of 75 or so but can't agree completely on a single one. We have narrowed it down to less than 10 but are basically at a standstill for the time being because I won't concede to the name he likes and he won't accept any alternatives. So .. I think we will let the list sit for a little bit a revisit it in a week or two, or three ... really, as long as he has a name before he's born, I'm ok with that. Anyone, enough of the random babblings of this pregnant chick. Let's get on to the bump watch photo and update.

How far along? 20 Weeks 
Workouts: I am still teaching Stroller Strides twice a week and trying to get to one or two classes a week on top of that (some weeks are better than others) I really need to get better about doing my workouts at home and now that I have more energy I am hoping to do just that. My main focus will be on cardio and strengthening my arms. But .. since my thighs are where I carry quite a bit of my preggo weight, I am super cautious about keeping those down this time around.
Maternity clothes? Both, but mostly just maternity sweaters at this point. Oh! I did pull down my maternity clothes, which is how I also came to my style revelation and put on my favorite pair of maternity jeans from last time. They are still a little big, but they are basically the one piece of maternity clothing I have been super excited to be able to wear again :) No preggo clothes in this weeks photo.
Stretch marks? Nothing new. And I think this will be the last week I have this on the survey. It just seems silly since I did get a few last time around any way so I am fully expecting a few this time too and I don't really need to remember when it happens ;)
Sleep: Still just struggling with insomnia and the mid-night potty breaks. But my hips have been starting to hurt while I sleep, which is kind of annoying. That would be one big reason that my good friend, The Snoogle, has made his grand entrance back into my bed. 
Best moment this week: Narrowing down some name lists. But that was bitter sweet since we are now at a stand still.
Miss Anything? Migraine medicine. They are back with vengeance and can last for 2 days solid without an alleviation. No fun. 
Movement: He moves a ton throughout the day and I can feel him on the outside with my hand if I am patient enough. Haven't tried to have anyone else feel yet. Well .. I did put McKenzize's hand on my belly to del today but didm;t know what I was doing and kept yelling "let go!" haha. Maybe when I'm bigger and they are easier to feel. 
Food cravings: Chipotle, banana cream pie pudding, oranges and grapes.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing comes to mind at the moment. Maybe eggs on occasion ...
Have you started to show yet: Yes, there's a bump, not huge, but definitely noticeable.
Labor Signs: No
Belly Button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or moody most of the time: I have been feeling a little overwhelmed this week with everything that needs to be done and everything that j want to get done. So much so, that NOTHING is getting done. But I also blame that on my sick toddler who just wants to cuddle on the couch - totally fine by me!!!
Looking forward to: Deciding on a name for this little guy and picking out nursery decor!

Well that's all for now! See you next week 💋

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