Family of Four

Family of Four

Sunday, November 25, 2012

23 Weeks: Happy Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving! We had a eventful Thursday with our usual serving of two dinners. Baby was quite satisfied to say the least. It's always a pleasure getting together with each of our families. I am so glad neither of us has the strained in-law relationships that I hear so much about. Other than Thursday the rest of the weekend was pretty quiet. I had to work Friday, so no black Friday frenzy for this shopoholic but I got to spend tons of time with one of my besties, Chrissy, to get ready for her daughter's fourth birthday party this evening.

That is one thing that I somewhat expected but didn't think would actually happen to me with this pregnancy. Many of my pre-pregnancy friends have gone a bit MIA. Thanks to miss Chrissy, my social calendar isn't completely lacking but compared to the overstuffing of activities and various invites that usually ensue during the holidays, it has been crickets. I guess it's for the better, since I should be taking it easy anyway, but why do people get it in their heads that just because I can't join them for in the drinking part of happy hours and late-night shenanigans, doesn't mean I don't appreciate the invite and wouldn't come out to be social. Oh well. I can't change how people think or behave, just how I react to it. So, I choose to find other sources of entertainment.

Other than that, no further progress has been made on the major decisions. Well, that's not true. We are pretty much decided on a name and reveled it to the families on Thanskgiving. Being the super cheeseball that I am, I am keeping it concealed for now so we can do a big, fun, official baby name reveal.  So, in other words, stay tuned! :) In the meantime, any guesses on what our precious little one will be named? Leave your thoughts below. And now ... the weekly update.

How far along? 23 Weeks 1 Day
Total weight gain/loss: 15 pounds - this is becoming torturous to write. I may need to remove it from the blog, I mean why do I want to keep a record of all these pounds anyway? Ugh!
Maternity clothes? Both - nothing in the outfit pictured is maternity, but I'm sure I would have been much more comfortable if there were heehee.
Stretch marks? Still none, which make me ear-to-ear happy since I am starting to really show now.
Sleep: Little one wakes me up every three hours with all her moving an shaking 3:00 am and 6:00 am wakeup calls have become a regular part of my routine. Luckily each time it takes a little less to get back to sleep although I may just start rising at 6 to be a bit more productive in the mornings ... sounds a bit too ambitious at this point though - I really enjoy my ZzZzZzZs.
Best moment this week: Pumpkin Pie! Oh man I love that stuff. And getting back in the gym. I re-found my motivation and had a great workout. So, to keep it going I am adding an exercise portion to this.
Exercise: Some treadmill cardio a variety of leg workouts and finished up with some cycling cardio. I am quite sore, and love it.
Miss Anything? A fabulous tan. I am not one that can pull of the pale complexion. I also miss my teeth whitening. I haven't been told no, but I am sure it'snot on the doctor approved list. I will be finding out at my next visit. I'm overdue for a good pearly-whites tune up.
Movement: Oh, and little Miss has been extremely active this week. I just love feeling her move around and her little kicks and punches  are getting stronger each day. The big ones still surprise me.
Food cravings: Salad, apples, grapes, anything pumpkin, cheesy bean and rice burritos with sour cream. I know, I know, just a few weeks ago salads were on the no-go list. But I think my body is rebelling the lack of greens and now I love it again - whew!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Chicken ... but not always, it's hit and miss.
Have you started to show yet: Um, do you see the picture. Yes, and I feel HUGE. Sad thing is, I am well aware that I am only going to get bigger. Much, much bigger.
Labor Signs: No
Belly Button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or moody most of the time: I was pretty moody most of this week :/ Guess you can't win them all.
Looking forward to: Getting the nursery all planned out and officially announcing our baby girl's name.

Well friends. That's all for now. See you on the next blog. Hopefully our name announcement will be ready :)


  1. Once I stopped stepping on the scale I felt so much better. I still struggle with how big my belly is getting but as for the weight gain, ignorance is bliss. I thought for sure I was up at least 5 pounds when I went to my last doc. appt and I was only up a pound! I feel your pain but truly you look great.

  2. Thanks! Yea I think I need to abstain as well. I am concentrating too much on the numbers and need to just stop that. Especially with the holidays upon us ;)

    PS just caught your latest post and you look so good :) I am too chicken to post bare belly pics haha! Hopefully Max feels better soon.


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