Family of Four

Family of Four

Monday, February 1, 2010

Checkity Check Check!

This weekend we finished our wedding registries! There are a few items here and there that we will still add and continue to update as needed, but they are done!  With that, I was able to update the wedding site with some new details which always makes me happy.

I also sent in our contract and deposit for the linens and centerpieces. I am so excited to have this done and finalized, now we can move on to finalizing my ideas for the centerpieces. Linens are already set and perfect, and centerpieces are coming along I just need to meet with them to give a bit more direction and then they will mock up the 3 different looks I am going for. Here is kind of what I am thinking for those who haven't visited the planning site yet.

Damask Table with vases of pink and black LED lit gels

Photo from, 
but I think the picture is by Anna Kuperberg
Pearl table - with glass bowls filled with pearls and strands on the table
My first table mock-up form a few months ago
Table designed by Encore Creative 

Crystal Table - with votives and loose crystals instead of flowers
Photo from

Lastly, Kyle and I sat down and wrote out everything that we have left to do (well he sat on the couch next to me watching sports while I typed everything out haha). It is FIVE PAGES long. Holy geez!! I mean, it is super detailed down to things that need to be done after the wedding as well but, woah, lots left to do.

Next on the list of immediate items:

Schedule our meeting with the Pastor
Finalize invite mock-up and send to printer
Call dress shop about when my gown and Nicole's replacement will be in.
Send email to my bridesmaids about alterations, accessories, etc.
Finalize transportation decision
Decide on dance classes and sign up
Attend menu and cake tasting

I figure if I make it a point to knock of 4-5 things a week then I will be in great shape when all is said and done. When I signed on for planning this wedding I didn't realize all of the little details that pile up. I am still having fun planning by m,y goodness there is lots to do!


  1. Ooh dance classes that's fun. Ben got me lessons for my birthday before our wedding. But it ended up being too expensive and too much extra stress for me! Good luck to you with the dancing though...I wanted to do a dance so badly!

  2. Samantha! I love seeing how everything is coming along for your big day! Miss you girl!


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