Family of Four

Family of Four

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Happy Wedding Week

Still no progress on recovering the old blog from the ZooLoo boys, so no old posts yet :( However; there are a few wedding updates to share.

Awhile back the dress shop, whom I hate and wish I had never gone to because they are just AWFUL, told me my dress was shipping on the 20th of January so I should have it by the end of January. Since I had previously had so many problems with the shop I called the other day to check up on the shipment and no dress yet but they PROMISED it will be in on the 12th of this month! Woohoo. My mom and I are going to pick it up on Saturday. I am so excited to see it and try it on again.

With that, I can finally take it to meet with my jewelry designer and she can start working on my veil too! Everything wardrobe wise is starting to come together and I am ecstatic about it. For those of you who don't already know I bought my shoes. I got a great deal on a fabulous pair of pink Valentinos.


Aren't they fabulous?!? Unfortunately we are still waiting on 2 bridesmaid dresses one will be in at the end of this month anf the other some time in April. Fingers crossed the April one is early!!

Lastly, I am making great progress on the invites. I am only creating mock-ups this time so they don't have to be prefect layout and design wise. The creative girl at my dad's company is going to take my idea and recreate it on her software with all of her stuff so it works better on their end anyway so she said to just give a general mock-up of what I want and she will make it look perfect.

That is such a relief because those silly Save the Dates took me so long and I didn't even wind up being able to send out my magnets, which were my favorite part...

Oh yea, and I ordered petals for the aisle (we can't use real ones in the church) and our candy bar boxes too - I just need to add our monogram and some pink ribbon or something cute. It has been a very happy wedding week and I am looking forward to more happy checks off the wedding to do list.



  1. very cute. I can't see the shoes though... and I am excited for you! congrats! 3 months will be here before you know it


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