Family of Four

Family of Four

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Life's Crazy Changes

Have you ever felt like you are completely on the outside of something you used to be apart of? I should probably start off by saying that I love my life and the people in it. I couldn't be happier to marry Kyle and start a new adventure, but as I sit here visiting old memories and flipping through the past, I can't help but notice how completely different my life feels.

It feels like there is this whole other world out there that I maybe wasn't part of but certainly wasn't completely disconnected from. Leaving Mesa, going to college and starting to discover who I am has now left me very disconnected from the life and people I was once so accustomed to. I feel like I am on a completely different path than everyone at this point. The friends I once had and have lost connection with, and even the ones I keep in touch with from high school, are on this fast track of life with 5 years of marriage under their belt, kids and the whole shabang where as the friends I made in college and currently hang out with are mostly single and not planning marriage for quite some time. So this leaves me feeling a bit lost.

It's just quite weird to think that 7 years ago I was in high school hanging out with and socializing with one community of people, then skip ahead a few years and a whole new set of friends has come into the mix, most old ones are no longer top of mind and fast forward a few more years to the present and many friendships from the middle ground are fading and high school friendships are mostly long gone. I understand that is all part of growing up and coming into your own, but I see some friends from college, and even high school, who still have many of the same friends and are still on the same page and wonder how did I get so far on the outside of everything?

I guess it's just hard to realize that something you were once part of and so connected with is really just foreign territory now. I don't care one bit to go back to high school and not so much college either, but it sure would be nice to have some more of those older friendships and to feel connected to that again.


  1. Life does seem to change for everyone at different speeds. Be happy that you have such a wonderful life and future to look forward to. Once you get married you'll find that you have another new set of friends. I'm glad you have a blog now so I can see all of your wedding fun. I've heard your wedding dress is beautiful and that you picked some really fun colors for the wedding.

  2. And once you have kids your circle of friends will change then too! This is a great reflection of life! I have thought about it many times too. And I wonder about the various relationships I have made along the way. My bff Brenda likes to say you have friends for a reason, friends for a season, and friends for a lifetime! It is fun to look back and get a feel for some of my past friends and see where they fit. And it helps me not feel so bad when other friends seem to fade into my past!


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