Family of Four

Family of Four

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Being married feels good!

We did it!! On May 22, 2010 Mac and I officially became Mr. and Mrs. It was absolutely perfect day, better than I could have ever hoped. Aside from a bit of family drama in the morning which caused a HUGE delay in me getting ready and ultimately making me a bit late getting out of the hotel and to the church there were no huge issues. The morning started out pretty groggy for me because I decided to go out with Nicole and Elena after the rehearsal dinner. But one I woke up and the girls started getting ready I was good. I spent the majority of the morning getting my pamper on with Kim and Colbi doing my hair and makeup then getting into the dress. Our photographer and videographers arrived during our getting ready time and once I was finally situated in the dress and read y to go we headed for the church.

Before the ceremony we just had a bunch of waiting around to do in the church classroom we were in, then just before I was supposed to give it to him, I realize I left Mac's wedding gift in my room. Our coordinator ran back to get it but unfortunately she didn't make it back in time to have us trade before the ceremony. So we just did it after. Of course it was SUPER hot that day and almost unbearable to be outside – especially in my amazing, but massive dress. So we took as many pictures as we could inside and did a few around the golf course right and resort right after. 

Once we got to cocktail we were taken upstairs to get a peek at the ballroom and it was absolutely breath-taking. Everything was exactly how I wanted it and the resort gave us the ENTIRE ballroom so it was really quite a sight walking in. From there the night just flew by. The toast we both funny and touching, we really couldn't ask for better friends and family. The combination of heat and the dress made me not feel well enough to eat or drink anything but water but once I got composure we made the rounds to the tables. It's weird I feel like I talked to everyone at least for a minute but didn't really see or hang out with anyone at the same time. 

Our choreographed first dance, which I thought I had completely forgotten just before we walked in the ballroom for the reception, was perfect we did the entire thing as we had rehearsed it and everyone, from what I could tell enjoyed it. 

The rest of the night was just really a blur of events that had me, at some point, taking off the slip under my dress and dancing barefoot on the dance floor all night with our friends. We haven't gotten the professional photos back yet but here are a few to give you a taste of the day/night. 

All-in-all I'd say we accomplished what we set out to do: Our friends and family had a great time. Between the cigar roller, candy table, photo/video booth, amazing food and incredible entertainment, I don't see the night going any better than it did and even the resort staff was complimenting us on how great the event was, one of the best they had seen. What more could a bride want for her big day?

Enjoy the pictures; I hope to be able to post the pro pics and video soon!!!





  1. Hi! we were knotting at the same time for a while and Im on the nest a bit (though I mostly lurk)-but I was excited to see you that you came over and to see your pictures!! Everything came out beautiful :) Your hard work paid off! Congragulations!!

  2. Everything looks amazing! Congrats and enjoy the rest of your lives together!

  3. Hey love the pictures. Are there any more?? Again I must emphasize BEST WEDDING EVER!! I loved every moment of it and the DJ/entertainer was amazing! Where did you find him? For a moment he had me fooled I thought the guys had planned the whole grease thing good times and great memories :)

  4. Your pics are great! What a pretty wedding! Thanks for becoming a follower, following you now too!


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