Family of Four

Family of Four

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Invites are out, now where are my RSVPs?!?

After many countless hours creating our save the dates and literally obsessing over them for entirely too long to simply have them need to be re-designed by the print-shop designer (my original concept but I wouldn't have needed to be so picky and precise) I decided I wasn't going to obsess nearly as much on the invites - I know, a little backward, but I just couldn't do it to myself again. For those who did not see, let's start with a picture of the Save the Date.

I even made FABULOUS save the date magnets to go with them, but that was an even bigger headache, so I gave up and decided to just go with the flier/card thingy, here's a picture, since I did spend forever making them...

Now come the fabulous invites. Turns out the company I went through for the Save the Dates wanted an arm and a leg to make my custom invites so one of my Dad's friends said he would do them for me and he didn't need to make any changes. By this time I didn't really have the time to spend scrutinizing over them like I did the Save the Dates, so I just gave them to him as is and they still turned out, in my opinion, absolutely amazing! I guess all my OCD and over obsessing isn't always necessary :) Here are some pics so you can see for yourself.

Sorry, they aren't the best quality, but I hope you get the picture (heehe no pun intended). Now, the big question is why can't everyone just send their RSVPs back already? I get a few a day, which is good, and YES the date on the RSVP says by the 17th, but I want them now :) It's fun getting new RSVPs and seeing who all this planning is ultimately going toward. Well thanks for stopping by and reading along with my crazy wedding rambling.

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  1. So cute! I thought it was funny with my RSVP's, my married friends sent them in right away. Single ladies were in by the deadline. And my hubby's buddies - well, we were calling them the week before the final numbers were due! Ugh!


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