Family of Four

Family of Four

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Church!

I'm not sure if many people actually know this, but both Kyle and I come from Lutheran families. I grew up going to a non-denominational church, but non-the-less, I was baptized Lutheran as a baby and Kyle's family went to a Lutheran church while he was growing up.

Ever since I have known Kyle, he has mentioned wanting to go back to church and find a church near him that he could go to, so it only made sense that once we got engaged he would want to get married in a church. I had never really thought much about that so I really didn't have any objections.

This is where I pretty much started my whole stance on trying to do whatever Kyle wants for the wedding. I figure, if he has an opinion on something or truly wants something for the wedding who am I to say no, after all I am making most of the decisions for the wedding (since he doesn't typically have a preference) so, the first thing on my wedding agenda after getting engaged was to talk to the pastor of his family church and see what had to be done to be married there.

Turns out, Lutheran churches, and this one in particular, don't really require you to jump through too many hoops to get married. We meet with the pastor twice, take a marital survey and that's really all that is required. We have taken the survey and had one meeting, so we just need to get our last meeting in and we should be good to go.

I have come across a few snags with getting married in this church, such as a 3:30 end time for the ceremony causing us to start this quite a bit earlier than I had wanted, a very WELL LIT service room with lots of windows-eliminating any chance of a candle light ceremony and the big one - no center aisle. I know, kind of odd, but we are making it work, all of it.

I by no means hate the church, and quite frankly, have really enjoyed everyone there. The stained glass on the sides is beautiful and the front is very much like most alters, it's just not grand and cathedral-like as I envisioned a church wedding to be or pictured in my head. But oh well, like I said, we are making it work and it should still be very beautiful. :) I included some pictures below so you can kind of see what it looks like.

So that's it! The church we wil be getting married in. Hope you enjoyed the photos. I hope to post some of the reception site and the bridal shower next. AND I have my second dress fitting on Saturday - sorry not posting pictures of this, and a meeting to design my veil and preview my jewelry that I am having made. Hopefully I will get some pictures of the jewelry while I am there so I can share them here.

Nighty night wedding enthusiasts and friends.



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  1. That church will be beautiful for your wedding. So exciting to be getting so close. Your invites are beautiful too. Way to go designing them.


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