Family of Four

Family of Four

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

My 2014 Summer Trend Picks

That's right, I'm back! And what better way to kick off my return to the blogger-sphere than a little fashion talk?! While we are in the latter days of summer, the 110+ temps this week in AZ tell me we are far from the days of legging and boots. So, I say, let's embrace the heat and extended summer styling with some of my favorite trends!

Summer Plaid
Be it shorts, a sheer button up or anything in between, I'm all over the plaid this season. Well, to be fair, I have kind of already loved plaid, so I'm just really glad it's readily available this season. Check out my little trendsetter sporting her pink plaid bermuda shorts during our trip to Canada (please pardon the life vest wedgie).

Everything is coming up roses this season and I just can't get enough. I should probably be ashamed of the number of floral leggings and pants that are currently in my closet, but really, I am not. Whether of the big and bold variety or muted subtlety I just can't help myself. I like to pair the over-the-top pattern with a solid, complimentary color and some monotone jewelry. But I'm kind of a wimp when it comes to pattern mixing (which is also all the rage at the moment) unless it's on McKenzie because, honestly, what doesn't look cute on a one year old?

Leggings from Kiki La Rue

Statement Jewelry
I've always been a big fan of big, chunky rings, but it wasn't until last summer that I started branching out into big statement necklaces and arm candy. I think this conversion is, in part, due to the transition from my fabulous heels to a more practical shoe for toddler chasing i.e. flats, lots and lots of flats. Seriously though! My poor heels! They just sit there, day after day, waiting for their moment in the sun ... But I digress. Statement jewelry is a fun way to complete a look. I don't feel truly put together without some carefully thought out jewelry accents. But heed the words of Miss Coco Chanel (so you don't over do it) "when accessorizing, always take off the last thing you put on." 

(Necklace from Perle Market; Shirt from Closet Candy Boutique)

Tribal Prints
Whether Aztec, Mexicana, Ikat or any other variety, tribal prints can be seen from head to toe this season. Sometimes the patterns are rendered in their traditional colors and other times modified to hues of seasonal desire, like these mint tribal leggings I purchased from Nobella Grace Boutique last month. 

Kimono Cardigans
Light and airy with full coverage, a modest girl's summer dream! I have never been one to bare my shoulders but traditional cardigans can get so hot, especially in the middle of summer. The solution has finally arrived in the form of the kimono cardigan. I currently own two, one in floral and one in an abstract print. However, I think I may need to enhance this collection - especially since our winters can be on the warm side too, this  I am sure to get more wear from these than just summer. It's all about the cost per wear, am I right ladies?!

So, there you have it, my list of favorite summer trends. Have another trend you are loving or maybe just lusting after from afar? Tell me about it in the comments - I may just have to give it a try. And who knows, maybe I'll get bold and try some pattern mixing one of these days ;)

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