Family of Four

Family of Four

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tri-ing to Save Lives

I'm sure many of you have heard, or read, I have recently started training for the Blue Water Triathlon in Parker, Arizona with Team in Training. Team in Training, as you also probably know, is the non-profit organization that Mac recently started working for that helps people train for endurance events while raising money to support the Leukemia Lymphoma Society. He did the Seattle Rock and Roll Marathon back in June and, after going to the inspiration dinner and seeing how many people from around the country get involved I decided I would like to do a TNT (Team in Training) event. A month or so later I went up to Flagstaff with Nicole to watch her do a Mountain Man Triathlon and decided that was the event I wanted to train for. So, a few weeks later, I signed the paper and have officially begun training, and fundraising, for my Triathlon this November.

We are in our 5th week of training and I can barely walk after Saturday's group bike practice. We rode 20.5  miles and I almost died the first time, ok, well not really, but it was rough, and I was the last one in and the second try, I had mechanical errors so I could only finish half of the course. Most of my team have done a Triathlon before so I don't feel so bad, but I really wish it didn't hurt so much to walk right now, not to mention practice starts at 6:30am on SATURDAYS, how insane is that?

I haven't been to a run practice yet, right now they are optional, and on Thursday nights, and I just haven't been able to make it, but that is the event that I am most worried about, as long as I keep pushing my feet, my bike will go and I grew up in the water, so I am certainly not worried about that, but the run... oh boy... we do short transition runs after each of our swim and bike practices, and, well, I pretty much fail. I'm fairly certain the longest distance we have run is less than 2 miles and I can't even do that without walking a bit yet... but I guess that's what Team is for. They will help me get my endurance up and speed up my pace/spare my energy in the first two events to use it for running.

Aside from the physical part of the training I have also committed to raising $2500 which will directly benefit The Leukemia Lymphoma Society to help find a cure for blood cancers. I hope you will all consider donating some money for this great cause and if you want to follow my training blog, feel free to stop by my fundraising page, where you can also make donations :) and become a fan of my facebook page too!!!

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