Family of Four

Family of Four

Friday, August 13, 2010

My First Car Purchase

Those of you who follow me on Facebook know at the beginning of last month I was having all sorts of problems with my poor little car, first my radiator kept overheating so I replaced it, still had problems so I fixed those, then my AC went out and my check engine light went on. It was just a disaster. Finally I Decided enough was enough and I needed a new car, so... on my way to a car dealership some girl REAR ENDED me. Really, that poor car was on it's last limb. I wound up finding a cute little car that night and started the paper work. It was a little black cobalt, fully loaded with leather interior and a sunroof. It was a pretty good deal and I was super excited!

Well after about 3 weeks of getting jerked around by the car dealership, they never actually got me approved like they said and were tying to make me fall in love with the car so I would do whatever I could to keep it, including putting more money down - it didn't work, I gave them back this car took my poor little trade-in down the street to Acura of Tempe.  

The service was phenomenal, the people were so friendly and the deal was said and done within 48 hours, and BEFORE I left the lot with the car. It's a bit older with a few more miles on it but a much better car. I wound up getting a 2006 Honda Accord, two door, fully loaded with a moon roof and leather interior. She;s not black like I wanted but it's a much better fit!

I can't tell you how much I learned throughout this whole process and boy am I glad it's all over. The good thing is, now that I have a car loan in my name, the next time won't be so frustrating. :)

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  1. You’re right, Samantha! With that experience, it’ll be easier to acquire a new loan for your next car if you ever think of having a new one. This will remind you that it’s better to check out different car dealerships first, and then determine which one can give you a great a deal and has the car that suits your needs.

    Madeline Joyce

  2. I had the same experience, and like you, I didn’t fall to their trap as well. Before purchasing a car, it is important to research and choose the best deal that will fit your budget. Anyway, it was also a good choice to just buy a new car instead of having your old car fixed over and over again. Anyway, it looks like you’ve been doing a lot of good choices lately. Keep it up!


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