Family of Four

Family of Four

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Very shortly after we got engaged I created this great site for our friends and family to stay up to date on everything that was going on with the wedding. Well between starting a new job, staying active in my sororities alumnae chapter, spending time with friends and family and actually planning the wedding, I found little time for blogging. I did manage to post a few items here and there but not nearly as much as I had hoped for.

Well the other day I decided to go and post something and my blog was GONE! The company which hosted my Web site, ZooLoo (which is also a former employer), completely revamped their product and got rid of what used to be their blog. So now my posts are gone!! However, being the resourceful person that I am, I contacted a friend who still works there and he is going to try and retrieve them for me.  

With any luck I should have these sometime next week (fingers crossed) and I will see about posting them on here and continuing from where I left off, if not, I will start from scratch and move forward like the happy bride to be that I am :)

You may ask, why is her first post basically about nothing? Well, I didn't want this thing to be all setup but empty of any content, so stay tuned and hopefully I will have some fun posts here next week!

P.S - when I was setting this up I noticed that we are 3 months, 3 weeks and 3 days away form the wedding. I thought that was fun!


  1. Love the blog! Can't wait to see how it develops over time! You need to find a countdown button to put on here. I am sure Lindsay knows where one is....

  2. Thanks Jill! I am really excited about the new blog - I just hope I can get the old posts on here too. Oh and the countdown button is at the bottom :) maybe I'll have to play around with it to put it in a more visible spot


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