Family of Four

Family of Four

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Bath Time Workout - Shoulders and Arms Burnout

When it comes to bath time, I'm all business. After filling the tub and scrub a dub dubbing, Z typically has until the water drains to play. After repeated call outs from Mr. Mac on being "no fun" I decided to give in a give her a little leeway for play. She loves it, and I love watching her play, but I felt like I could give her more if I wasn't just sitting there watching her splash me, etc. 

That's when it hit me ... a bath time arm and shoulder burnout session! So next time your little wants a little extra run time, try out this quick and easy workout! Since Z loves to watch me sweat, it's ALMOST as much fun as her bath toys ;)

**You can either do these on the floor next to the tub or use the tub edge (with a towel over the edge to avoid slipping) to create an end aged surface, which is ideal for the lagged stages of pregnancy! 

This circuit should add about 8-10 minutes to your little's bath time splashing. Feeling extra generous? Go for round 2 before pulling the plug!

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