Family of Four

Family of Four

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Beauty Products Make Me Happy

I just have to share my latest blog post for Arizona Spa Girls.

It all started with a big bag of goodies for my enjoyment and review. With fabulous lip glosses, flawless makeup samples and scent-sational perfumes galore I was in beauty product heaven, but I reached total elation when I came across the Model Mirror.

It was perfection wrapped in a pink leopard print shell. The mirror flips open to reveal two mirrors, one lined with LED lighting. Shining the lights onto your face instantly transforms you from your current location to a glamourous vanity fit for a supermodel.

Check out my full review and more details here: Model Mirror: Mirror, Mirror in Our Purse! With so many products and so little time, it makes me wonder what else is out there that I have yet to discover. What's your favorite beauty product find?



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