Family of Four

Family of Four

Monday, August 10, 2015

Charlie is Two Months

Today Charlie turned two months old. I'm in shock from both perspectives. 1. I can't believe my tiny baby (who is not so tiny any more) is already two months and 2. how the heck has it only been two months?!?

As I mentioned in my last post, adjusting to life with two wasn't as easy as I had let myself believe. But as I was heading out to the door this morning to teach Stroller Strides and then make a stop at the pediatrician's office for Charlie's well visit. I realized that getting out of the house with both in tow seems much more routine. It's still a process, and I love when I have Mac around to help load Z, but it doesn't feel foreign anymore. Yay! Now comes the art of mastering the timely exit so we aren't late everywhere. Which, I am happy to report I WAS NOT this morning! Woo hoo!

You probably noticed I did not write a one month update for C.
There are a few reasons for that.
- We didn't have a well visit, so I didn't have new stats.
- I was still in survival mode trying to figure out the whole mom of two thing.
- I just didn't really have much to say at that point as he was still in total newborn phase and not doing a whole lot.
- And lastly, I was very bad about writing posts for Z -- I don't think I even did a one year OR a two year for her (#mommyfail) -- This time around I'm being a bit more realistic with the blog and hopefully getting better about consistently posting rather than falling off the grid for a very long time. - But ... maybe I will go back and post about her birthdays, so when she's older she has something to look back at -- haha (Sorry McKenzie!)

So, back to what I was saying. Two months has flown by, yet it feels like he has always been part of our family. It's strange how you don't realize something is missing until it's in your life and you can't imagine it not being there anymore.

Here's a little run down of our chunky little man, who hubby likes to affectionally refer to as "beef".

Weight: 12lbs 7oz (7lbs 13oz at birth)
  - I'd like to note, Z did not hit 12 pounds until 4 months!
Height: 22 3/4in (19 1/2in at 4 days)
  - I like to use the doctor visit for height because with both  and C, they supposedly shrunk from the time they were born to the time they were seen by the Dr.
Sleeping: He is still pretty inconsistent with sleep. Some nights he does great and others he's up every couple of hours. Because of this, he is still sleeping in our room in the rock and play because I am not about to walk up and down the stairs a thousand times a night ;) The most he has slept was last night the night before he turned 2 months old, giving me a solid 8 hours and 15 minutes. Typically, he has a long stretch of 5-6 hours and then is up every 2 hours or so until morning. But, when he wakes up, it's just to eat and then he usually falls right back to sleep.
Eating: He is a nursing champ, just like his sister. I have him on a loose 3 hour schedule, but take his lead most of the time instead of sticking to a strict schedule.  On average he eats for 10-15 minutes each feeding - which is about twice as long as Z!
First: Well, everything he is doing right now is a first! He is so strong and hold his head up great, has been since the very first week. He doesn't fuss much during tummy time which hasn't given much opportunity to practice rolling. In fact, when he DOES get fussy he tend to use his legs more to scoot forward, like a belly crawl. So, I think we are going to have an early crawler on our hands.

Similar to Z, I am doing 52 weeks of Charlie as well as monthly photos. So, here are our photos leading up to 2 months old!

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